Spotify Daily Wellness Playlist Brings You Daily Meditation, Yoga

spotify daily wellness playlist

Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist is a new effort by Spotify to bring mindfulness, meditation, and yoga content to its listeners.

Ever since quarantine, companies all around the world have been creating mindfulness content, with celebrities making meditation videos and Instagram models uploading Youtube videos like it’s the last day of their lives. Now, Spotify is looking to join in the fun with their Daily Wellness Playlist, which includes morning and evening meditation and yoga uploads.

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What’s on the Spotify Daily Wellness playlist?

The Daily Wellness playlist contains music and podcasts updates every morning and evening. It’s available to both free and premium Spotify members in the UK and US. You can access the playlist by going to the Made For You hub on the web, mobile or desktop.

Spotify tells that the exact uploads you see will be determined by your preferences and listening habits and that the content will focus on motivational, positive content in the morning to start your morning positively, and then relaxing content to help you unwind and get to sleep at night [READ: meditation for sleep].

Morning content includes inspiring podcasts, daily quotes, and Yoga Girl Daily (I guess they think men don’t do yoga), and personalised music. Evening content will feature a meditation called Daily Breathe with Deepak Chopra, poetry and a bunch of relaxing music.

Spotify is actually entering the mindfulness space a little late with this line-up. We’ve already seen everyone from Chris Hemsworth to Hasbro releasing mindfulness content, and of course there are some great yoga streaming platforms too; but with the popularity of the streaming audio platform, Spotify Daily Wellness is sure to reach a wide audience regardless.

Echoing the sentiment of practically every other company in the world during COVID-19, Spotify says, “Taking a moment—or two—for yourself is especially important these days. Yet wellness is deeply personal. Some center their wellness around eating healthy and exercising, while others focus on positive thinking and small acts of self-care. With that in mind, Spotify is introducing Daily Wellness, a personalised mix of grounding motivational podcasts and feel-good music that can help you find positivity, mindfulness or peace throughout your day.”

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