10 Things To Let Go Of To Become A Free-Spirited Person In 2018

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How much would you be willing to let go of to have inner peace?

A question: How much would you be willing to let go of to have inner peace and to become a free spirited person?

Would you let go of Netflix? Your cellphone? Facebook?

Would you live a minimalist life?

Society tries to sell us our emotions, our happiness, our sense of self worth.  We’re given labels to tell us how “successful” we are. We’re told that if we take a package holiday, buy the latest smartphones, drive new cars, we will be happy. It’s society’s lie.

But all spritually enlightened people know that peace comes within.  That is one of the core wisdoms that Buddhism teaches.

Inner peace comes from within. Do not seek it without--Buddha Click To Tweet

 Happiness and inner peace are not about possessions. Don’t chase material gain. It will not lead to happiness.

Happiness is a positive energy that comes from within.

How I let go of attachments and freed my spirit

Years ago, I realised I had many things to let go of if I wanted t become free spirited

I promised myself I would let go of materialism. I promised I would let go of status. I promised I would let go of those labels society gives us. I promised I would give up unessential’s and focus on my inner peace.

I had read that money does not make us happy, experience does. And I knew that for personal freedom I needed to let go.

I told myself that I would not chase after inner peace. I would be content with what is. I would accept my life. I would accept imperfections. I would live in the here and now. I would find complete inner peace with what is. I would become a free spirited person through sheer acceptance of reality.

Even if life wasn’t perfect, I would enjoy the moments and accept the journey of my life.

Here is what the world taught me when I learned to let go: Inner peace is easy when you just let things be.

What are the best things to let go of? And what should we take-up instead?

Here are 10 things to let go of to find inner peace.



For Spiritual Freedom, Let Go Of These Attachments

1 Let go of self judgment

It can be too easy to obsess over how we are feeling.

We’re feeling down, so we tell ourselves so. We start to ask “Why am I feeling low?”.

Unfortunately, when we focus on negative emotions like these, we inadvertently cause them to grow. What we focus on grows. So focusing on negativity grows negativity.

Don’t focus on negative feelings. Focus instead on the world around you, and on living in the present moment.

This is definitely one of the best things to let go of!


2.  Be mindful. Be now.

One of my favorite Wayne Dyer quotes is  the following:

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” Click To Tweet

Accepting life as it is, letting things be, being conscious of the present moment, these all help with inner peace and happiness.



3. Let go of the past

What’s past is prologue.

Our past experiences are lessons that teach us what we need to know now. The past is a teacher. We are not our past. We are not constrained by our past.

Learn from the past. Use the past to inform you in the present moment, but focus on now.

It can be hard to let go, especially when we have been through struggles. If this is you, try my tips to change painful memories.


4. Let go of being right

Life is not about right and wrong. There are infinite perspectives, not “right and wrong”, but a million shades in between.

Let go of being right.

Embrace the opinions of others. Let yourself be wrong. Let yourself make mistakes. Embrace it all, because it is all life.


5. Let go of bad relationships

Sometimes you have to let go of certain people. If they are meant to be in your life they will catch up.

Letting go of bad relationships gives us the chance to let new relationships begin. Plus, it removes negative energy from our lives.

You will never be a free spirited person unless you remove negative people from your life.


6. Let go of self. Practice compassion and kindness instead

You cannot be a free spirited person while you are forcing a false sense of identity on yourself.

Focusing on ourselves too much blinds us. Not only do we start to stress too much about our current issues, but we deprive ourselves of one of life’s best joys: helping other people.

Practice random acts of kindness and compassion.


7. Let go of titles and stature

Society is hellbent on giving us labels. We cannot define people by a job title or a status. People are infinite, unique, wonderful, magical beings. And you’re one of them.

Let go of job titles. Let go of statuses. See yourself for the miraculous energy that is your true being.

There are many similar things to let go of. Anything that puts you in a box. Let that stuff go!


8. Let go of false positivity

We all know those people who tell us they have no regrets, no remorse, that they are always positive. And to those people I say: bullshit.

We all experience low times. We have to. Because if we do not experience lows we do not experience the full tapestry of life.

You have to recognise that negativity is a part of life. That’s the key to staying strong when bad things happen.


9. Get out of your comfort zone

Remember when you were learning to swim. Your mother held you safely in the shallow zone. Then she did the most important thing: she let go. And one way or another, you began to swim, and you made it further into the deep zone, exploring the whole pool.

That’s a great metaphor for life.

We can choose to stick in the shallow, safe, comfort zone. Or we can let go and get out of our comfort zone. We can explore life fully.

My advice? Get out of your comfort zone. Dare to explore.


10. Let go of your fears

Fear is a lead weight in the vessel of the human soul. It sinks us. Don’t allow it to stop you from doing…anything.

We all know the old saying, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. It’s famous for a reason. When we let go of fear we liberate the positive energy within us.


Let go.

Let life itself take over.

Give up control.

Embrace the wild nature of the true world.

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