The 3 Most Life Changing Self Awareness Exercises-Tested

self awareness exercises

These self awareness exercises are a wonderful way to make yourself a little happier and a little more successful today. And all these exercises are easy.



Oftentimes, we hold ourselves back from success because of negative thought patterns and attitudes. By using the following self awareness exercises, we can quickly begin to recognise our thought patterns and thus empower ourselves to change them

Make sure to practice these THREE SELF AWARENESS Exercises

Self Awareness Exercise 1: Judging:

Probably every single one of us is guilty of judging other people. We think of people as thin or fat as rich or poor as nice or nasty and so on. Sadly, once we make these judgements, it can be very hard to change them. Once we deem someone to be unfriendly it can be very hard to see them as anything but that.  Even if this unfriendly individual suddenly starts acting incredibly nicely towards us, our early negative judgment will keep us from seeing the good in them.

It isn’t hard to see how judgements of this type can negatively impact our lives. It is much better to cultivate an attitude of acceptance and to keep ourselves from judging people too rashly or too quickly.





 Self Awareness 2 Needing:

Ahhh, the dreaded need. I’m guilty of needing things day in and day out, telling myself “I can’t do THIS without THAT.” I can’t succeed in work until I have more time. I can’t lose weight until I have less stress.

Needing has a disempowering effect. Because we determine that A is impossible without B, we fail to realise that we still have options C, D, E, F and G. For instance, I might say to myself “I can’t be happy until I am successful.” We then wait for success before we allow ourselves to be happy, even though in reality success and happiness have little to do with one another.

Anytime you find yourself NEEDING, when you think you cannot have A without B, challenge the thought. Find five ways in which you actually could have A even if B never happens. 




Self Awareness Key 3: Being THIS or THAT 2

We discussed judging other people above in Self Awareness Key 1. But it isn’t just other people we judge. We judge ourselves to. We think that we are THIS and NOT THAT: we’re intelligent not stupid, we’re rich not poor. . .

Judging ourselves has a similar effect to judging others. It causes us to become inflexible. If we believe we are poor we’ll likely prevent ourselves from socialising with those we deem as being rich. If we think we’re stupid, we might not feel comfortable around intelligent people.

Again, look out for ways in which you judge yourself. Adopt an attitude of open-minded acceptance rather than
closed-minded judgement.



Aim to be aware of these patterns of thought and attitudes. You’ll find that changing them has a highly positive effect. By being more accepting we open our minds and give ourselves more freedom. By stopping judging and needing we empower ourselves, helping make ourselves more successful and, more importantly, more happy.  

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