How To Stop Your Fears Before Your Fears Stop You

how to stop your fears

Fears ruin lives. Fears act as psychological barriers penning you in. Break free with this potent meditation technique, the best way how to stop your fears.


Every unenlightened person on the planet suffers from fears.

Fears are really nothing more than an ignorance of the mind. Let me prove this one sec’.

Go ahead and think about a fear you want to overcome.

Let’s say you’re afraid of being rejected. When you think about that fear, something happens in your mind. You experience some sort of mental delusion.  You might see an image of yourself being rejected, or you might hear words in your head, or something else. Something happens in your mind—either you see an image, hear a sound, smell something, taste something or feel something, because the mind works through the senses. These mental senses, however, are nothing more than delusion. When you think about being rejected (or whatever else your fears is) your mind create an imaginary scene which isn’t real = delusional.

For the unenlightened person, these imaginations are fatal. They stop us from doing what we want to do.

To prove this to yourself, the next time you go out practice mindfulness meditation—just be aware of what’s going on in your mind. You will experience some sort of delusion right before fear sets in. It’s this delusion which is the problem. Get rid of the delusion and you get rid of the fear, you find freedom from fear.

So, how do you do that? How do you get rid of the delusions and thereby conquer your fear?  There’s a specific meditation technique which is the answer for this, the cure.



The best way how to stop your fears is with this meditation technique

This meditation technique will change the way you think about fear so that you can begin to live fearlessly. And you might like to try these Buddhist meditations for fear too.

1)      Think about the thing you are afraid of. Create some sort of mental image of it. I’m going to use fear of rejection for an example as it’s a common fear. So let’s say a guy is afraid of being rejected by women. Think about that fear.

2)      Intensify the fear. Imagine the fear in the worst possible way. The guy gets rejected by the girl and beaten up by the boyfriend he was unaware of. That’s just an example. Just intensify the fear.

3)      Now, imagine yourself living through that intensified fear BUT imagine something positive coming at the end of it. So, going back to our example 1) the guy imagine seeing the girl, 2) he approaches the girl, 3) he gets rejected, 4) he gets beaten up, 5) he picks himself up, starts doing martial arts, becomes tough and confident and from then on is fearless.

4)      Imagine this scene a few times. Imagine living through your intensified fear and it resulting in something positive.

5) Focus on that process of a fear becoming a positive.

By the way, I don’t know why this works, I just know that it does. When you imagine living through your fear, doing what you’re afraid of, having a bad result but then (most important bit) it improving your life, you conquer fear.

Want another way to conquer fear. Read my article on why A Fear Is Just  Desire Upside Down.

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