How To Go From Always Miserable To Super Happy In 5 Mins

how to stop being miserable by meditating

So you want to know how to be happy permanently and never feel miserably ever again?

If so, you first have to begin by truly examine what it is to be miserable.

Most people, when they’re feeling down, try to look for reason why they are down. We feel depressed so we ask ourselves “Why am I feeling depressed?” and, hey presto, sure as heck we come up with a giant list of reasons why we’re feeling down. “I don’t have any money” we say, or “I’m lonely” or, a classic, “Because life isn’t fair.”

I don’t want to examine any of these reasons for feeling miserable. Instead, I’d like to go a step further and say that when we’re feeling down we experience feelings, sounds and images in our mind that make us feel miserable.

For instance, let’s say you’re miserable because you don’t have any money. In this situation you will experience different things in your mind. You may see a mental picture of your bank account with a big fat “0” in it. You may feel poor or worthless. You may say to yourself “I’m so useless,  why can’t I make any money?” These are some of the typical things that go through our head when we feel depressed over money. It is these mental images, sounds, words and feelings that make us so miserable. But there is a very very simple way to overcome them. There is an easy way how to stop being miserable. That way is through meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation is a scientifically proven way how to stop being miserable


When you meditate you learn to distance yourself from all those negative thoughts populating your mind. You learn to see a mental image as only a mental image or words in your head as only words in your head. Meditation makes you realise that all those negative thoughts are not real, they are only in your mind. Once you realise that those thoughts aren’t real they stop having power over you and you stop feeling so damn miserable.

On the next page I’ll share a very simple mindfulness meditation which will stop you feeling miserable in as little as ten minutes.

So, how do we do the mindfulness meditation and stop feeling miserable?

1)      Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed for 10 -20 minutes. It should be somewhere you can feel relaxed.

2)      Sit comfortably with good posture.

3)      Close your eye and focus on your breathing for ten minutes. This will calm and focus your mind.

4)      Now, bring to mind the reason why you feel miserable. If you don’t have any money, for instance, think about the fact that you don’t have any money.

5)      Now, the important bit. OBSERVE the thoughts in your mind in a casual way. See those thoughts for what they are. In other words, if you see a mental picture of your bank account with no money in it, say to yourself, “This is just an image in my mind. It isn’t real.”

6)      Continue in this fashion for twenty minutes, continually reminding yourself that thoughts in your mind are ONLY in your mind.

The trick with this meditation technique is that it gets us to understand what’s really going on in our minds. Most people obsess over their thoughts and feelings. They think a picture in their mind is a true representation of reality. It isn’t. It is only a picture in your mind. Stop giving your thoughts so much power and they’ll stop effecting you so much. This is key to stopping your misery.


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