This Meditation For Students Has Huge Benefits

There are so many benefits of meditation for students. And I’m not just talking about helping you study. Obviously, you can use meditation for concentration. But actually, meditation is good for more than that. It helps with every part of the student life.

There is a reason why many highschools, colleges, and universities are incorporating meditation.

I remember when I was a student back home in England. I wanted to succeed in my studies, but I also wanted to enjoy the student life, make friends, date, and have a good time.

I also did find being a student stressful. It was the first time I moved away from home. And learning to live for myself was a challenge.

Thankfully, with meditation, students can reduce stress, improve their study skills, and even enjoy the student life more. Hence why learning institutes around the world are getting into mindfulness.

I teach meditation to students in my online meditation lessons. And I have seen how it can make a huge difference.

In a moment, I will explain the tremendous benefits of meditation for students. But first, let me share my best meditation for you to try today.

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Best Meditation For Students 

I previously shared a powerful meditation for studying and exams.

Today, I’m going to do something different.

You see, as important as it is to pass your exams and nail your coursework, I also believe that a student’s life is about more than that.

You should be able to enjoy life as a student despite the stress. Your college or university days should be one of the best times of your life.

With that in mind, here’s a meditation for students that will help you to relax and enjoy life.

  1. Sit comfortably with good posture.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Focus your mind on your breathing. Just observe your breath. Take 25 breaths in this way.
  4. If thoughts or feelings enter your mind, just let them come and go as they will while you continue to focus on breathing.
  5. Now visualize yourself as someone who is doing well in their studies while truly enjoying the student life. See yourself both happy in life and successful in your studies. Visualize this person in detail. How would you look? What would you feel? What would you be doing etc.?
  6. At times you may notice that your mind produces negative thoughts. For instance, you might think that you can’t enjoy life while also doing all your work. Do not ignore these thoughts. Instead, continue to visualize yourself as both happy and successful, and find solutions to any issues. For instance, maybe you can be both happy and successful by making sure that you balance your studying time with relaxation time. So, any time your mind brings up an objection, find a solution to it.
  7. Continue for ten minutes. This will train your mind to succeed in studying while also enjoying those days on campus.

Benefits of Meditation for Students

As I mentioned earlier, there are many benefits of meditation for students, and they expand across all areas of life. Here are some of the most important benefits.

Reduces Stress

The Mayo Clinic states that meditation reduces stress. It does this primarily by promoting activity of the parasympathetic nervous system and balancing cortisol. So if you’re stressed about an upcoming exam or assignment, take some time to stop and meditate. Read my guide to meditation for stress relief.

Helps you focus

Whether you’re revising for your midterm or trying to listen to your lecturer, meditation can improve your focus. Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center say that meditation changes the structure of the brain in such a way that it massively improves your concentration.

Life satisfaction

As I said previously, I believe student life is about more than just studying. It’s also about enjoying the student life. Because meditation makes us more mindful, it helps us enjoy the moments. And that naturally improves life satisfaction.

Social and Dating Life

Two things most students like to do are dating and socializing. And yes, meditation can even help here. It heightens your confidence and improves communication skills. And both those things help with dating and socializing.

Even more benefits of meditation for students:

  • Improves memory
  • Helps you to relax (important between study periods)
  • Improves attention 
  • Helps maintain good physical health

Yes, there are many benefits of meditation for students. If you’re a student and you want to enjoy life while also graduating with a good degree / diploma / other qualification, book an online meditation lesson with me today.

By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a passionate meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in beautiful Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. "My goal is to provide the most authentic meditation sessions so you can harness the power of your own mind for personal transformation" - Paul Harrison

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