“Sunlight Diet” — Woman Dies Following Unhealthy Diet.
“Sunlight Diet” — Woman Dies Following Unhealthy Diet.
A woman has died following the sunlight diet. Some fads are just plain evil and stupid.

“”Sunligh Diet”– woman dies after following the unhealthy sunlight diet. But amazingly, more people are on the sunlight diet right now.  right now.”

A Swiss woman entered unto a spiritual journey for self discovery. Part of her spiritual journey was to change her diet. The specific diet which she was given by her guru yogi was called a “Sunlight diet”.

The woman’s guru told her that he had lived for 70 years off of nothing but sunlight. No water. Not food. Just sunlight.

The woman, believing in her guru, followed his path and took the same sunlight diet.

The woman had watched the 2010 movie In The Beginning There Was Only Light. In the movie yogi Prahlad Jani claims the he sustained himself of nothing but air and sunlight for sever decades. The Swiss woman believed she could become as enlightened as the yogi and so took up the same diet.

The woman began the diet and managed to go with no food and no drink for a week. But then her children pleaded with her to stop. She did. But for some unknown reason the woman found that she couldn’t help but go back on the same diet. She did so, with fatal consequences. She died of starvation.

Believe it or not but this woman is far from the only person to try this diet. The “Sunlight diet”, also called “Breatharianism”, is followed by many people who believe that humans can stay alive on nothing but prana, the life force in Hinduism, and by sunlight, which Ayurveda states in one of the primary sources of prana.

This raises serious questions about yogis and about how far we should be willing to go to follow a spiritual journey.

Shockingly, thousands of others are still following the sunlight diet.

We need to let these men and women know that it is not safe to follow a “Sunlight only” diet. There are fatal consequences. Please help us get the word out. Share this page on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you.

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher and writer. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.
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