Mantra For Beauty [Surya, Sadhana] With Mudra

surya mantra for beauty

I first learned about this mantra from reading the works of Thomas Ashley Farrand, a master on mantras.

The Surya mantra is one of the best mantras for health. It can help to improve both your skin and hair, as can the Surya mudra.

If you have read my guide to mantras for beginners  you will know that mantras are sacred sounds with transformative powers. Some mantras work through sacred sounds, some through self belief, and others by enlisting the aid of the gods.

The Surya mantra is used to get the help of the sun god to help with health and beauty. Plus, there is the surya mudra, a powerful mudra for weight loss.

Surya Mantra For Beauty

Mantras are spiritual words that are recited in the Hindu faith (as well as Buddhism, Vedism, Jianism, and Sikhhims). They are said to evoke real-world outcomes. There are thousands of different ones, each with its own benefits.

The Surya mantra for beauty is a Hindu mantra that is said to create beautiful faces and beautiful skin. It’s vedic. And it is the main mantra that I recommend for healthy skin and hair growth.

The words are dedicated to the sun, the ultimate representation of exquisiteness in the universe.

Practising sun worship is important to all Hindus. And one way of practising sun worship is by showing devotion to the sun god Surya.

The Surya mantra is recited in worship to the sun god, the chief solar deity, who is worshipped as one of the five primary gods by the Saura sect, a denomination of Hinduism.

It is said that when you recite this mantra, Surya bestows the gift of beauty unto you. And it will make your skin glow and give you beautiful hair, according to sacred texts. It has been used for many thousands of years to achieve beautiful skin. 


  1. Early in the morning, take a bath or shower.
  2. Sit outside in the morning sun
  3. Recite the following mantra 108 times using your red sandalwood mala
  4. The words are Om Ghrini Suryay Namah. Translated this mantra means “I bow to you oh glowing sun god.”

Surya Mudra For Weight Loss

Surya mudra

I accidentally put on a lot of weight during lockdown and one of the techniques I have been using to lose weight again is the Surya mudra, which is perhaps the best mudra for weight loss.

The words Surya Mudra can be translated to mean “Sun Gesture”. 

I have been meditating while using this mudra, and I do believe it is helping with my weight loss.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sit up straight or stand with good posture
  2. Hold your hands up in front of your body
  3. Move your ring finger on one hand such that its tip lightly connects with the mound of the thumb
  4. Apply pressure from the thumb down onto the ring finger
  5. Hold the other fingers our straight
  6. Maintain the position for 15 minutes while meditating
  7. Try the Surya Mudra now so you can feel its powerful effect on you. Hold for five minutes before continuing to read the rest of this page.


It’s really easy to do the Surya mudra.  But guess what? It might be easy but it’s also powerful. It can help with many psychical and mental health problems, such as:

  •  It helps to create heat in the body which can release physical tension
  • Because it increases metabolism it is a good mudra to use on weight loss programs.
  • It is a natural remedy for common colds.

Sadhana Mantra For Beauty

There is also another one I would like to share with you. This one brings out the pure beauty of a person. It relaxes you and helps your prana to flow throughout your body. This in turn flushes out toxins, liberating and purifying the skin, returning it to its natural beauty.

It is:

Om Chandraya Namah ll मंत्र चंद्राय नम: ll 

While meditating on the moon, chant this 108 times.

Chant this for 54 times or 108 times on Mondays, the day of The Moon, during the Night.

The moon is said to be representative of feminine loveliness.

By mediating on the moon, you draw in the moon’s energy, liberating your divine feminine energy. 


  • Mesmerizing Attractiveness.
  • Increased Self-confidence.
  • Early marriage.
  • Simple and effective.

Beauty lies within. Not without. This powerful mantra will help you tap into your innermost beauty. You’re a divine and beautiful person. Let it shine. Naturally. 

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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison BSc is a qualified meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in teaching meditation and mindfulness both to individuals and to corporations.


  1. Jacky, surya mantra would help u and by the way another suggestion, Lord Shiva is worshiped for any kind of skin disorder. If u trust have ur full hopes and worship lord shiva.

  2. I am sagar and I m a model but kich dino se mujhme kafi sare badlav aane lage hai mera face puri tarah change ho gaya mujhe meri beauty wapas chahiye kya aap meri help kar sakte ho???

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