We’ve Reviewed The Surya Mudra To Help You With Weight Loss

The Surya Mudra is the “Sun Gesture,” “Surya” being Sanskrit for “Sun” and “Mudra” Sanskrit for “Gesture.” This is one of the of the most popular mudras seen in Yoga courses and is a good exercise in weight loss programs.


The Surya gesture is real easy. Here’s a quick guide. Let me know if you need any further help

You might like to look at my introductory course on mudras before beginning.

  1. Sit up straight or stand with good posture
  2. Hold your hands up in front of your body
  3. Move the ring finer such that its tip lightly connects with the mound of the thumb
  4. Apply pressure from the thumb down onto the ring finger
  5. Hold the other fingers our straight
  6. Maintain the position for 15 minutes while meditating
  7. Try the Surya Mudra now so you can feel its powerful effect on you. Hold for five minutes before continuing to read the rest of this page.


Easy right? But guess what? It might be easy but it’s also powerful 

There any many physical and mental health benefits of the Surya Mudra, including:

  •  It helps to create heat in the body which can release physical tension
  • Because it increases metabolism it is a good mudra to use on weight loss programs.
  • It is a natural remedy for common colds.

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