Watch This Masters Free Beginners Tai Chi Lesson [VIDEO]

beginners tai chi lesson

This excellent video teaches the best beginners tai chi guide it will take you from an absolute beginner to intermediate level within a few hours.

We recommend watching the entire video and doing the exercises at the same time. It is several hours long, however, so perhaps you could do a little now, then return for the next lesson later (we recommend bookmarking this page by pressing CTRL + D so you have this page saved for future use).


As the video states, there are many benefits of Tai Chi for beginners. Tai Chi promotes relaxation, strengthens muscles, improves muscle tone, creates energy and improves overall health.

As the video states, it’s important when learning Tai Chi for beginners to adopt a daily practice. If you can commit to twenty minutes per day, you will learn quickly and effectively. This will also give you a healthy amount of daily exercise that will help with weight loss programs, fitness programs and other health related efforts.

Tai Chi Beginners Guide: A Complete and 100% Free Course

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