Indonesia—If you can’t get away because of the pandemic, you can always take a virtual yoga retreat with Nihi Sumba.

With everyone currently locked up inside like our parents have grounded us, many people are looking for ways to feel like they’re on vacation while they’re self isolating at home

Since the current lockdown we’ve seen all sorts of yoga and meditation classes online, along with various Buddhist courses and the likes. What’s been missing until now is the opportunity to take a virtual yoga retreat from your own home.

I previously wrote about how to do a DIY meditation retreat at home, and also shared my experience playing relaxing VR games, which I equated to a virtual meditation retreat. But now there is something even better available: a virtual retreat from Nihi Sumba.

The retreat describes itself as “not an escape from reality. It is the return to a life well lived.” It is designed to create that feeling that life is so much larger than ourselves.

The resort was expanded by American fashion entrepreneur Christopher Burch. It was previously known mainly by surfers. It’s a natural, underdeveloped land that truly creates the feeling of escape. Everything about the resort matching the natural environment that surrounds it. Thatched roofs, furniture carved from coconut, wood, and stone sinks make it very much a reflection of its roots.

Naturally, at the present time we can’t board a plane and head out on vacation to Indonesia. That is why Nihi Sumba is currently offering a complete live stream of its many events, which they call “rituals”. A daily live program includes classes, interviews, shows, activities for kids, and more.

Nihi Sumba Virtual Yoga Retreat Schedule

Take a look at the stream schedule below and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this is about as good a “virtual meditation retreat” as you can get!

Times for this schedule are in Sumba time (GMT + 8hrs). Streams are available on Insta.


Monday @ 9:00 PM Restorative Sound Meditation  

This live stream is a “healing journey through sound” using Tibetan Singing Bowls and guided meditation.  It includes breathwork and visualisations designed to “awaken the senses”.  Led by a certified holistic health coach.

Tuesday @ 9PM: “Sumba Stories”

This live stream shares the story of Sumba, one of the most spiritual places on earth with a very rich culture. Includes a look at the ritual ceremonies of Sumba.

Wednesday @ 10PM: Nourishing Yoga Flow

This vinyasa class is a great way to get your flow on when you wake up in the morning. It offers a “well-balanced journey inwards” that will restore your sense of vitality.

Thursday @ 9PM: For Kids

Thursday is all about the kids as this live stream covers everything from yoga to wood painting and a guide to the cultures of Sumba.

Friday @ 8PM: “The Explorers”

James McBride talks with surfers Claude Graves about his travels around the world and his experience at the resort.

Saturday @ 9PM: Surf Bootcamp

Surfing experts leads you through various indoor exercises to help you become a better surfer.

Sunday @9PM: Heavenly Burch Recipes

Cook with a Nihi Sumba chef and learn lots of great recipes.

nihi sumba virtual yoga retreat
The view over Nihi Sumba in Indonesia looks truly beautiful
girl meditating at nihi sumbra retreat
The Nihi Sumba virtual yoga retreat features live meditations
You wont be able to touch the sand at the Nihi Sumba online retreat, but you can still enjoy the yoga

What do you think about this “virtual yoga retreat” from Nihi Sumba? Leave a comment and remember to subscribe.

Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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