10 Remarkable Alternative Ways of Losing Weight [TUTORIAL]

alternative ways of losing weight

So you’ve tried to lose weight the conventional ways. And maybe it didn’t go according to plan. Hey. No Sweat. There are tons of great alternative ways to lose weight.

Now I’m going to guess that you’ve tried the typical weight loss techniques. You’ve tried dieting. You’ve tried exercising. You’ve maybe even gone on Weight Watchers. But those techniques weren’t quite right for you. And maybe you’re feeling a little disappointed because of that.

If you’re underwhelmed with your current weight loss success, then let me tell you, I was just like you.

When I wanted to lose weight I started dieting.  I did the Atkins diet. I hit the gym. I tried all the different exercise techniques. But it just wasn’t working out for me personally, you know? So I made a decision. I decided that I would forget about all those traditional weight loss techniques. I would try something different.

And you know what? My alternative weight loss techniques ended up working for me.

The “for me” part is important.

We are all unique individuals, right? And we all have different personalities, different habits, and different needs, right? So it only makes sense that we would also need different weight loss techniques.


With that in mind. I would like you to try each of these alternative weight loss techniques.

Some of them might seem a little weird to you. Because there are some truly weird weight loss techniques. But hey, we’ve got nothing to lose here, so why not give each of these weight loss tips I try. See which weight loss technique is right for you.


So here we go. Here are my best tips….



My Top Ten Alternative Ways of Losing Weight Easily and Quickly

1: Mindfulness: Mindfulness is all about focusing your mind on the present moment. Simple, right? But powerful. And it can help with weight loss.

When you practice mindfulness of food you are more aware of what you’re eating and feel less need to eat. To practice mindfulness, simply make 1 promise to yourself: when you eat you will only eat. In other words, stop eating while working, stop eating while watching TV. If you’re eating, focus on what you’re eating. This will make you feel more satisfied and leave you needing less food.

You can learn more about mindfulness for weight loss here. Click that link and you’ll find a complete guide. And trust me, it just might be the answer you’re looking for.


2: Self Love: Now, you remember that these are alternative weight loss techniques, right? We’re looking at alternative ways to lose weight that you haven’t tried before. 

Cool. This is one of those alternative ways to lose weight. Self love.

When you have a positive relationship with yourself you will start to eat healthily and to lose weight.

Scientific research actually proved that it is impossible to lose weight unless you forgive yourself and have a positive relationship with yourself. It’s impossible because if you are angry at yourself you will intentionally sabotage your diet as a way to punish yourself. So read that link above and let’s solve that problem so you can lose weight today.




3. Paint it Blue: Believe it or not, the colour blue actually acts as an appetite suppressant.  So, get a blue wallpaper for your computer, wear blue, paint the walls blue. . make it all blue and you won’t want to eat so much.

If your house is colored red you might want to think about renovating your home.

Red is the worst color for people on diets. Red makes you act on impulse. That’s why all the logos for fast food joints are red. Because the color red makes you want to go and devour that Big Mac in a nano second.

It’s pretty bizarre to think that the colour of your walls can affect your diet, but it can. In fact color can do a lot of things. That’s why I wrote a complete guide to color psychology to help you out. Take a look. You will find it amazing.



4: Exercise Burst: It can be hard to commit to the gym or to long periods of exercise.

Scientific research has proven, however, that it’s just as good to do 10 minutes hardcore exercise as it is to spend an hour in the gym.

At some point today, do an exercise burst. Just go for a quick run or do some shadow boxing or dance for ten minutes. That’s all you need!

You do not need to go nuts and workout for hours on end. you don’t need to push yourself til you feel like you’re going to die. Just ten minutes. That’s all.

Leave this page open. Go run for ten minutes. Then come back and continue reading. And your exercise will be done!


5: NLP: “NLP” stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Basically it’s a way of training your brain to do specific things. For weight loss it can be used to train your brain to want a salad instead of a chocolate bar.

How does NLP help with weight loss?

Every time you think of eating a chocolate bar simply think of eating a salad instead and imagine enjoying the salad. This will train your brain to associate cravings with salad instead of fatty foods.


6: Honey: Honey actually releases fat. And it tastes yummy! Eat a teaspoon of honey a day. And actually there are a veritable truck load of other health benefits from honey too. Click that link. It will blow your mind. And remember to help save the bees!


7: Water: Drinking water is the easiest way of losing weight.

Don’t drink pop. It’s just empty calories. Water is, obviously, a lot healthier and also helps your digestive system.


8: Awareness: Get a journal and write in it every single thing you eat. This will make you more aware of how much you’re eating, and once you’re more aware you’re more able to make changes.


9: Find a friend: Find a friend who wants to lose weight and do it together. This will help to keep you motivated and also give you support when you need it.



10: Have veggies ready: Get bowls and put them in various places around the house. Fill them with cut vegetables. That way, anytime you want a quick bite you can just go ahead and have a carrot. Making the healthy option easy is the easiest way to lose weight!

So, there we are, ten excellent alternative ways to lose weight quickly and easily. Try all ten and watch the weight strip right off you.


And there you are. Those are ten of my personal favorite alternative ways to lose weight. Try them over the course of the next week and see which ones work for you.

And I would love to know how you get on with your weight loss. So please leave a comment.

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