10 Surprising Ways Meditating Makes You A Better Person

meditation makes you a better person. Here's how

Just in case you hadn’t noticed yet. Meditation makes you a better person. Meditation makes you  more creative, more loving, kinder and simply happier. That’s why people who practice generally have much higher life satisfaction than other people.

We could go on forever about ways in which meditation makes you a better person, but instead we’ve brainstormed and come up with the top ten ways in which meditation makes you a better person.

Ten Ways Meditation Makes You A Better Person


10: Meditation boosts the creative side of your brain:

When you practice mindfulness  you let go of your own thoughts and open your eyes to the infinite possibilities of life. When you meditate you become more mindful. Being more mindful in turn makes you more aware and being more aware makes you more creative.


This is actually just one of six ways meditation makes you more intelligent.


9: Meditation significantly improves your productivity : 


Closely linked to creativity is productivity. Meditation works for productivity in the same way it works for creativity. Because you’re letting go of your thoughts through meditation, you’re more able to focus on reality. This means that 100% of your energy is spent not on superfluous thought but on actually changing your reality. You want to be more productive at work? Meditate in your lunch breaks.


8: Meditation heightens your propensity to love: 

When we get too caught up in our thoughts we forget about other people. Too many people in the world are self centered. That’s a reality that speaks for itself, right? If only all those people meditated they would get over their delusional sense of self and open their eyes to the needs of others. Meditation increases your propensity for love. That’s probably one of the very best ways in which meditation makes you a better person.



7: Meditation increases intimacy in relationships: 


Meditation is sexy. Seriously. Sexy as heck. If you want to feel more intimate with your partner practice together. This will make you feel as one and will unleash both your sexual energies, leading to higher intimacy and better sex.


6: Meditation boosts kindness and compassion:

“Kindness is my religion” said the Dalai Lama. Much of his kindness, of course, comes from the fact that he has been meditating all his life, has let go of his SELF and has opened his eyes and heart to the needs of others. Life is about helping other people. Meditation makes you realise that.

For one of the best examples of compassion, read the story of this young Buddhist kid who turned his bullies into friends by being compassionate.


5: Meditation boosts your energy levels: 

If you want to get anything done you need energy. It gives you energy. When you meditate you improve your mind-body connection and create both physical and mental energy, giving your the gas in the tank that you need to truly achieve things in life.


4: Meditation creates oneness: 

We are one. Lots of people think that sounds romantic. People who are caught up with themselves think the idea of being one with everyone else is some romantic tripe probably conjured up by a poet. But then you close your eyes for twenty minutes and focus on your breath. The thoughts stop. The SELF stops. You open your eyes and you know, beyond doubt, that we are one. That’s one of the most magical moments of meditation.


3: Meditation improves your health: 
You know who hates meditation? Pharmaceutical companies. You know why? Because science keeps on proving that it is more effective at treating diseases than medication. It helps with high blood pressure, with cancer, with heart disease. . . honestly I could go on but instead I decided to write this massive list of ways meditation improves your health.




2: Meditation promotes happiness and positivity: 

When you really think about it, life is about happiness, isn’t it? I mean, sure, you can have money, you can have fame, you can have whatever you think you need. At the end of the day, thought, all those things are superfluous compared to simple happiness. If you’re happy, you’re winning the game of life. Meditation makes you happy. Meditation makes you win.



1: Meditation creates inner and outer peace:

 Peace is without doubt the most important part of meditation. It  can help produce peace on an individual level or a world level. When you practice  you let go of suffering, you develop acceptance, you learn to live at peace with the world around you. And on the world level, meditation has a promising future. I’m not sure how big a future. It makes you wonder. What would happen if all the world leaders started meditating just twenty minutes a day? I don’t know. But I sure as anything would love to find out.


Meditation makes you a better person. That’s why all the best people meditate. If you agree, SHARE.









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