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What’s In The Book

Your Best Meditation is your guide to learning all the different types of meditation. I have poured my twenty years of experience, plus a lot of love, into this book in order to produce a read that I think you’ll find truly memorable. For that reason, not only have I included analysis and guides for all meditations, I have also included my personal insight. 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with meditation is that they only learn one technique, and that is generally mindful breathing, otherwise called Anapanasati. I created this book in order to produce a comprehensive guide to the various forms of meditation, In this book you’ll find everything from mindful walking to spiritual techniques like Erkaba, a powerful meditation that many people have yet to discover. 

I recommend that you read this book slowly. Read about one of the different forms of meditation, and then actually perform the technique (there are detailed instructions for all methods in the book). In this way, you are likely to find a technique that works best for you, and once you find that technique you can make it your primary exercise that you do each day. Please do note that I also teach every method in this book in my private lessons, so if you would like to take your meditation training further, book a meditation lesson with me.

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