The ACTUAL Meditation Teacher Training Program

The ACTUAL Meditation Teacher Training Program is an immersive 7-week (minimum) meditation teacher training course that focuses on the most untapped aspect of meditation: ACTUAL Meditation.

Yes, that’s correct, we focus on the actual practice of meditation as it has been practiced for thousands of years. This is the single most untapped area of the market for meditation teachers. How do I know? Because it is the aspect of meditation in which I myself am recognised as a leader.

But what, exactly, is ACTUAL Meditation?

Well, for starters, here’s what it’s not:

  • It’s not an app
  • It’s not just guided meditation
  • It’s not online videos
  • It is not just a collection of online content like virtually every other course is
  • It is the art, science, and tradition of meditation as has been taught for thousands of years, led by an actual, leading meditation teacher!


The ACTUAL Meditation Teacher Training Course is not your run-of-the-mill online course. It is an intensive training for experienced meditators. We do not allow just anyone on this course. You must be approved. We work with dedicated and sincere students who truly want to become a part of the new generation of meditation teachers.

Simply complete the form and we will consider your application.


What Is The ACTUAL Meditation Teacher Training Program?

The ACTUAL Meditation Teacher Training Program is the program for people who want to teach traditional meditation.

In the program we cover traditional practice, traditional techniques, and traditional application of meditation. When you complete this course you will be in a unique position as a master of traditional, spiritual meditation, a position that only a selective few people currently hold. And this unique position as a master of ACTUAL meditation will help you to succeed in the business of meditation and to connect with and transform actual meditation students.

Let’s look at the modules in detail. And please do note that each module contains self study and an assignment to do in your own time. (You must complete the assignments to continue).

Module 1: ACTUAL Meditation

In part one of our teacher training course, we look at actual meditation. Yes, the side of meditation that the 21st Century has seemingly forgotten about, but which millions of people are interested in learning (and a lot of potential students). You will uncover the scientific and spiritual foundations of meditations and learn what it truly means to be a meditator.

In this section we look at:

  • The philosophy of meditation
  • The spiritual and scientific basis of meditation
  • The history of meditation
  • The lifestyle of the genuine meditator

Module 2: ACTUAL Meditation Practice

Next in our meditation teacher training course we look at ACTUAL practice.  We discuss why Youtube and your smartphone should never be a part of your meditation training. And we dive deep into how an actual meditator practices. This will give you the insight you need to create genuine meditation practices in both your own life and the lives of others.

You will learn:

  • Meditation positions
  • Mudras
  • Intro to ACTUAL meditation techniques
  • How to establish a genuine practice

Module 3: ACTUAL Meditation Techniques #1

Now it’s time for the first of our three-part dive into ACTUAL meditation techniques. We begin with Buddhist meditation. And no, unlike virtually every other meditation course, we are not just talking about Vipassana and Loving Kindness (Meta). We will cover everything from Zazen to Kansha, Anapanasati, Karuna and more. We’ll look at the spiritual and scientific basis of these methods. And you will learn everything you need to know to teach Buddhist meditation.

You will learn:

  • Buddhist meditation
  • Vipassana
  • Loving Kindness
  • Samatha
  • Anapansati
  • Kansha
  • Karuna
  • Zazen
  • Kinhin
  • And more

Module 4: ACTUAL Meditation Techniques #2

In the second part of our ACTUAL meditation techniques, we look at Yogic meditation, including chakras, dhyana and samyama, mantras, kundalini and more. You’ll learn the eight limbs of yoga and the philosophical treatise of the yoga system. All of this will prepare you to teach yogic meditation.

You will learn:

  • Dhyana
  • Samyama
  • Chakras
  • Kundalini
  • Ajna Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Nada Yoga
  • And more

Module 5: ACTUAL Meditation Techniques #3

In the third and final part of our deep dive into meditation techniques we look at Taoist, esoteric, and other spiritual meditations. You’ll learn everything from Taoist Zhan Zhuang to Huna healing methods, Merkaba, Self Enquiry and more. With these methods you will absolutely Wow your meditation students.

  • Self Enquiry
  • Merkaba
  • Huna Healing
  • Zhan Zhuang
  • Neiguan
  • And more

Module 6: ACTUAL Application of Meditation

In this module you will discover the genuine power of meditation and how it can transform your student’s lives. Yes, we cover the science on how meditation treats stress, anxiety, and other issues, but we also investigate the spiritual benefits of meditation, revealing how meditation can lead you and your students to enlightenment and to personal transformation. You will also learn how to facilitate personal transformation in your students using my proven strategy.

You will learn:

  • Scientific application of meditation
  • Spiritual application of meditation
  • How to create genuine transformation in your meditation students


Module 7: ACTUAL Meditation Teaching

In the final module you will learn how to bring it all together so you that can become an ACTUAL meditation teacher. You will learn how to facilitate a meditation session online and in-person. And we will cover the art of teaching meditation.

You will learn:

  • How to facilitate a meditation session
  • How to connect with your students with my secret method
  • How to effectively communicate with your students
  • How to inspire and motivate genuine change in your students
  • How to be an online meditation coach


We’re Flexible

You may substitute any of the modules above for one of the following. You may also add the following to the end of the itinerary above (contact us for details).

  • Marketing: Learn the essentials of marketing and uncover the secrets that led me to success.
  • Corporate Meditation: One of the most lucrative paths for meditators, learn how to teach corporate meditation.
  • Guided Meditation: The art and practice of recording and delivering guided meditations.
  • Connecting and communicating: Discover secret strategies for truly connecting with your students on a deep level, and for communicating with them in a way that inspires and motivates.
  • If you have a specific request for a module, please let us know.


Self Study

The self study aspect of the course is a vital part of the training. We will provide you with and recommend complimentary material to further your study. This is an essential part of the practice. Recommended time for self study is 20 hours per module. You may study in whatever format works for you and we will both provide you with learning materials and also recommend complimentary materials for self study.


At the end of the course, you will be certified to state that you have successfully completed The Daily Meditation’s ACTUAL Meditation Teacher Training Program.


The bulk of the training is delivered in seven one-hour sessions one-to-one with meditation teacher and leading expert Paul Martin Harrison. Yes, it is one to one. Unlike other courses we do not put you in a group with a hundred other people. You get dedicated time with your teacher.

Along with this personal live training you will be set self-study and assignments, at an approximate 20 hours per module.

You will receive a complimentary paperback copy of my book Your Best Meditation, which covers all major traditional forms of meditation, as an aid to your studying. We also provide complimentary course content and recommend supplementary reading.

About Meditation Teacher Trainer Paul Harrison  

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher and trainer with more than 20 years’ experience in mindfulness and meditation. He’s known for his passion for genuine meditation.

Paul’s journey began when he started studying at Oxford. He learned from various gurus, courses, books, and lectures. And his passion for meditation has grown ever since.

Today, when he’s not reading or writing, he’s either teaching meditation himself or training others. He’s published four books on the subject. And he’s been featured in more than 30 publications, including HealthLine, Psychology Today, Better Homes & Gardens, Thrive Global, Lion’s Roar, Well + Good, and

Paul takes a holistic approach to meditation. He teaches both traditional and modern methods. And he customizes everything 100% to his students’ needs.

Together with Paul, you will discover ACTUAL meditation and learn to become a successful meditation teacher.