How To Find Or DIY The Perfect Meditation Mala [TUTORIAL]

Make Your Own Mala Beads

Looking for a new meditation mala to buy? Or perhaps you’re picking up a mala for the first time. Either way, a meditation mala is one of the most important meditation tools you can own.

It’s important to pick a mala that you like visually, as well as one that feels right spiritually.

Meditation malas are important for helping you to count while meditating (they are usually used for counting the number of times you have chanted a mantra, or for counting your breaths). Perhaps the best thing about a mala, however, is that they remind you to meditate. Heck, it’s hard to forget to meditate when you have 108 mala beads around your neck.

But when it comes to buying the best meditation mala for yourself, you have to be somewhat wise. Most sellers will tell you a mala is made from a genuine rare stone. For instance, some will sell “genuine sandalwood malas” for $3. In reality they are using a substitute wood and using incense to make it smell like sandalwood. Not all malas made from fake materials are bad, however. The first mala we included in our list, below, is a “sandalwood mala.” It’s not made from real sandalwood but it is nevertheless one of the best malas for those looking for something in the lower price bracket.


Before we look at the best meditation malas, you might want to ask yourself: Are you better off making your own mala?

Should You Make Your Own Mala Instead?

Have you ever tried to make your own mala beads and bracelets? It’s such a wonderfully relaxing activity, and ou end up with a beautiful mala.

We all know how important it is to practice self love. Our happiness is largely dependent on the way we feel about ourselves.

Most of the time we’re happy with ourselves. But sometimes we can experience a little blip in our happiness.

Have you ever experienced a drop in your happiness levels, or in your sense of inner peace?

If you said “yes” then you might wonder just how you go about regenerating your self love.

One of the best (and most enjoyable) ways to boost your self love is to make your own mala. Yep, that’s right. Just make your own mala beads and bracelets. Trust me. It’s the most restorative activity. 

I spent many of my younger teenage years try to find ways to boost my sense of self love. Severe bullying at school depleted my confidence and left me feeling worthless (which is why I now love to write and to teach meditation to children).

For the longest time I believe there would be a breakthrough. I believed that at some point my mind would switch and into a different mode, a mode in which I was permanently happy with myself.

But through the years I’ve learnt that happiness just doesn’t work like that.

Happiness is like the waves of the ocean. Sometimes they’re quiet and subdued, other times large and turbulent, and then there are those rogue waves.

Happiness and self love undulate. They ebb and flow, as all energy does.

The nature of energy means that self love and happiness are never permanent. They are constantly changing.

The best way to manage that current of self love and happiness is by learning to ride the waves.

You can maintain your self love and happiness by observing when you’re entering a low point, and then taking action to turn the situation around.

Be mindful of when your self love is low, and take action to restore your happiness.

Consciousness is the current that guides the tides of your mind.

Be conscious of changes in your happiness and changes in your energy levels.

Here are five ways to achieve just that.

1) Be mindful: Practice mindfulness every day. Just spent ten minutes mindfully observing your breath. This will enhance your self awareness so you know what’s occurring within.

2) Keep a journal: If you keep a journal of your emotions you will become more aware of triggers. These can affect your inner state. By being aware of triggers you gain self empowerment.

3) Take 10 throughout the day: When you’re in a funk it’s hard to get out of. So the best strategy? Yup. Don’t get in a funk. The best way to do that is to take 10 minute breaks throughout the day to practice meditation. This will keep your mind balanced.

But, life being life, at times you are going to experience low points. Your self love will be challenged. Your happiness will be rocked.

When you hit a low, reconnect with your self love. Make your own mala. It’s one of the most soul enriching things to do. 

Here on we’ve looked at many great ways to boost your happiness and self love.

But today I want to share a friendly little secret with you guys:

One of the best ways to boost your self love is by making your own mala.

Have you ever made your own mala? Personally I’d always wanted to but never got around to it. I’d always just bought malas online or found them in stores.

Don’t get me wrong. The malas in stores are often truly beautiful, making both lovely pieces of jewellery and great spiritual accessories.

But nothing compares to making your own mala.

Making your own mala takes several hours. And it definitely requires patience. But it’s a wonderful, joyous hobby that I highly recommend.

Simply go to your favourite bead store and pick out the beads you like to use for your mala. Personally I chose to use coral because I love the feel of it and it reminds me of the water.

Once you’ve got your beads, go home, put on some beautiful meditation music and get out all the items you will need to make your mala.

Then set to it. Gradually. This is a time when you should feel a deep state of Zen within you. Crafting your own mala is a patient and relaxing activity. And it’s really not about the mala that you make, it’s about the way you feel while you’re making it.

Make your mala slowly, and really enjoy the experience. You’re going to find this a wonderfully relaxing activity that will boost your happiness and make you feel a deep sense of self love.

Veronica Krestow has a brilliant video tutorial on how to make your own mala beads and bracelets.  I’ve shared it on the next page.


*How To Make Mala*

Still got your heart set on buying a mala instead? Here’s my pick of the best of them.


The Best Meditation Malas you can buy

Tibetan Sandalwood Mala

If you’re looking for a mala on the cheaper side you can’t go wrong with this Tibetan Sandalwood mala. It’s supposed to be green sandalwood that smells like incense. However, given the price this mala is actually not sandalwood and is a substitute instead (sandalwood is expensive, any mala made of genuine sandalwood will be a minimum of $40). That said, this is still a great mala (62  5 star reviews on Amazon cant be wrong, right?). So, for a mala on the cheaper side that looks good, this is your best bet.


Mala Lapis Lazuli

This is a genuine Lapis Lazuli mala. The stone itself is often called the “Philosopher’s Stone” because it represents the wisdom of the higher mind. This mala creates a spiritual representation of one’s life. It is a beautiful blue color and is very finely made. One of the best malas you’ll find.



Genuine Tiger Eye Mala

Tiger Eye is a protective stone. Tiger Eye malas are usually warn to ward off negative energy and evil spirits. It can also be warn in a more practical sense to help eliminate negative thinking, depression and even addictions (which are essentially harmful mental habits). This genuine Tiger Eye Mala is built very well and looks beautiful. Highly recommended.



Jade Stone Prayer Necklace

If you’re looking for a colourful mala that looks upbeat and is packed full of positive energy, then this Jade Stone Prayer Necklace is perfect for you. Jade Stone is a sacred stone and is worn for serenity, balance and spiritual development. It also opens the heart chakra and welcomes love into one’s life. Not for everyone given its very bright and colourful design, but if you’re into a bit of jazziness then this is a great mala.



In my opinion, these are the very best meditation malas to buy.


How To Use Your Mala

So now you have a meditation mala, how do you use it?

  1. Hold your mala in your right hand
  2. Count by moving your thumb onto a bead. Count either each in-breath or each repetition of a mantra of Japa.
  3. Gently pull the bead towards you
  4. Moe on to the next bead
  5. The mountain bead (the large bead) is used to mark the beginning and ending of the meditation period
  6. If you are using a wrist mala (which has 27 beads) repeat 4 full cycles to do a full mala (27 x 4 = 108)
  7. After you have meditated with your mala for around a month (meditating once a day) your mala will be empowered with energy. You can then wear the mala to feel the energy.



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