100 Best Spiritual Blogs We Truly Love In 2020

best spiritual blogs

Today, I wanted to write a list of some of my personal favorite blogs about all things spiriritual. I thought it would help you to find what you like (and also to find a place to write for. HINT: Write for us here)

But it hit me that there are actually more than a million spiritual blogs our there. So choosing the absolute best is not easy.

Sure, I could have just written about the famous spiritual gurus (speaking of which, here is my list of the top spiritual gurus).

But I wanted to write a list of the blogs written by… well… people like me.

What I ended up with is the list of 100 + blogs on this page.

To make it easier for you, I’ve broken them down into the following sections (click the title to see the blogs:

Best Spiritual Blogs

The Mindful World

The first thing that caught my eye about The Mindful World is just how beautiful their site design is. This is one good looking mindfulness blog.

It takes more than just good looks to be included in this list of the best blogs, though. And, indeed, The Mindful World has a lot of depth behind that pretty exterior.

The Mindful World is a group of individuals who are passionate about spreading mindfulness around the world. Their articles are very in-depth and some of the most professionally written pieces on any spiritual website.

Excerpt from CONFRONTING REALITY: The lie of Evidence-Based Treatment and how it affects psychological therapy for abused children

“The scientific process is supposed to be the golden standard for the pursuit of knowledge and truth. When asked to think of a scientist, many people will imagine a somewhat “nerdish” individual who’s often more comfortable with numbers than people.

We imagine these scientists as being wholly dedicated to their research and unwavering in their pursuit of the truth. The idea that many published scientists are heavily influenced by politics, that scientific journals often compromise their standards for publications, and that many universities look the other way to secure federal funding, often comes as a shock to most people.”


Change Your Energy

Change Your Energy is a spiritual healing blog. It reads like a self improvement blog, packed full of excellent advice on articles on all manner of self development topics. Every article is full of spiritual guidance and offers inspiration for developing your spiritual life. Change Your Energy is is also one of the most professionally presented blogs.

My favourite excerpt : From the article “Sing As If Speaking, Dance As If Walking”

“Do you pick up your smartphone, look for people to chat with, or go to the TV or Internet because time alone is lonely, strange, or difficult? You can be a wonderful friend to yourself, incomparably better than any person or any machine.

Here is a suggestion for enjoying spending time with yourself: Sing and dance for 30 minutes every day. Try to sing as if speaking and to dance as if walking.

Enjoy being immersed in yourself, regardless of what other people think. The time you enjoy spending with yourself is time for changing your energy and for accumulating energy. You can encounter your soul as you sing and dance.

 Continue reading


Mom On A Spiritual Journey:

Mom on a Spiritual Journey is the blog of Sarah Lawrence Hinson. Sarah gives spiritual coaching sessions and writes articles about both her personal life and about spiritual energy.

My favourite excerpt:

From “6 tips for driving your car as a spiritual practice”

“MAKE YOUR CAR A NO PHONE ZONE LIKE OPRAH SAYS.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am useless at using a phone and driving, in fact I’m a downright danger so don’t do it at all.  Just because you might be better than me doesn’t mean you should do it too though.  If the phone rings and I am alone, I pull over if I know I’m waiting for an important call.  If you work a lot on your phone, get hands free…it’s not the greatest idea but it could save your life.  If I have the girls in the car then they answer the phone for me.  When it’s their turn to learn to drive, texting and driving will not be acceptable because I DON’T DO IT!”  Continue Reading

Spiritual Awakening Process:

Spiritual Awakening Process discusses many aspects of spirituality and offers practical advice to improve your spiritual life. The best part of Spiritual Awakening Process is the one hour sessions that can be booked and which offer help for you on your spiritual journey. Definitely a great blog.


Favourite Except: From “Awakening”

“Life inside the awakening is a whole other beast. Many people focus on the singular point of awakening, that amazing “Ah-ha!” moment. However, while that is a critical piece of the awakening process, so is the transition from sleep-mode to every moment awakeness. The awakening ushers in a time of transition that is unsettled, unstable, and unique. It is a time of embracing new and amazing parts of you and then trying to crawl right back into bed. It is a time of expansion and contraction as you grow and then shrink back to the core issues that are still unresolved and holding you back.” Continue Reading…

Not Strictly Spiritual:

Not Strictly Spiritual is a spiritual blog all about finding spirituality in everyday reality. On the site, catholic blogger and author Mary DeTorris Poust talks about how faith helps us out with everyday life. Poust talks about her own experiences in using faith to overcome self image issues and eating issues. Her articles are full of wisdom certain to enlighten readers.

Favourite Excerpt: From “A perfectly timed novena. St. Catherine, pray for us.”

I woke up this morning and noticed a link to a Novena to St. Catherine of Siena in my Facebook feed. I will admit that I am not one to pray novenas often. Okay, almost never. But this one caught my attention. St. Catherine of Siena has a special place in my heart. I consider her one of my patron saints since my middle name is Kathleen. To top it off, her feast day, April 29, is my wedding anniversary. So there’s that, but there’s oh so much more than the name and date connections. Catherine was such a strong Catholic woman, one who was not only powerful and fearless in her love of God but powerful and fearless in her love for the Church. A mystic, a counselor to popes, a stigmatic, a Doctor of the Church. What’s not to love? Especially if you are a modern Catholic woman looking for a strong spiritual role model. CONTINUE READING

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is an absolutely wonderful s

blog that is mostly a mindfulness blog. It matches cuteness and fun with insight and wisdom. It’s also got more Facebook followers than anyone else on this list, partly because it was a pioneer of the whole spiritual blogging movement.

Excerpt from : Boost Your Happiness: 10 Mindfulness Tips for Busy People

“Do you ever feel as though you would be happy if only things were a little different?

You know that happiness is important, but you keep putting it on the backburner because there simply isn’t enough time to prioritize your own inner joy.

And at the same time, you know that meditation would help, but you can’t even imagine where you’re going to get the spare time you need to sit still and meditate.

In an ideal world, we would schedule moments every day in which to cater to our health needs, because health and well-being are paramount. Yet despite our best efforts we will inevitably face those times when we’re busy every minute of the day. I know I’ve been there.”

Dream Builders Australia.

Liara Covert is the author of this blog. Liara has 481 pages of inspirational blog posts dating back to 2007 that help you to live your best life and to be your best self. There is no lack of guidance, wisdom, and knowledge on this blog.

Favourite Excerpt: EXPERIENCE MORE JOY”

“Feeling your way along implies trusting what the mind does not understand or would like to talk you out of doing. It is about noticing everything is connected, choosing steps or directions on your path based on what feels right and what you intuit is the right thing now.”



Spiritual Travels:

Spiritual Travels refers to itself as “Practical Advice for Spiritual Journeys.” On the site you’ll find reviews of the latest spiritual books, which really go into depth about what makes the book good / bad. You’ll also find beautiful photography and articles on various spiritual and religious sites the author has visited. The depth and detail of the articles is truly impressive and the writing quality is one of the highest I have seen on a blog.

Favourite Excerpt: From “At Machu Picchu, Where the Veil is Thin”

“The ancient Celts of Ireland described holy sites as “thin places” where the veil between heaven and earth is transparent. In exploring spiritual destinations around the world, I’ve never come across a better description for why certain places simply feel different from other sites.” CONTINUE READING 

Best Zen Blogs

Looking for the best Zen blogs to compliment your time on our meditation course? We’ve handpicked the world’s best Zen blogs for you to sink your teeth into. Each of these Zen blogs has its own unique style and feel, so be sure to read each of them to find the ones you like best. Be sure to add these Zen blogs to your collection of blogs.

 Sweeping Zen:

I’ve never found a Zen blog that made me feel more connected to the Zen way of life than Sweeping Zen. What makes the site so great are the frequent articles about various Zen sites from around the world. The authors discuss their experiences at Zen events and do an excellent job of documenting everything that is happening in the world of Zen. A must read!


Good Life Zen:

The blog of Mary Jaksch. Jaksch describes herself as being a person who is passionate about helping others to live happier lives. Her blog reveals this passion admirably. Here, you’ll find the best practical advice on how Zen attitudes and exercises can contribute to a happier, healthier and more positive life. A very well written Zen blog.


Be More With Less:

Be More With Less isn’t strictly a Zen blog though it does share much in common with the Zen mentality. This blog is all about slowing down and enjoying life. On Be More With Less you’ll find excellent practical advice on how to slow down and how to live the simple life. This is a highly relaxing read and is recommended for all. This is one of my very favorite blogs.



Zen-Mama makes excellent use of multimedia in order to inspire the Zen mentality in all of us. I was particularly impressed by her use of the award winning short film Validation . She also uses infographics and informative articles to reveal how you can live a happier life with Zen. This is a highly creative Zen blog for moms.



TheZenMom is the blog of Angela Chee, a TV host, writer, media coach and mother of 2. Angela Chee uses her blog to advocate the benefits of Zen in motherhood. She combines ancient wisdom with modern concerns to produce one of the most modern Zen blogs out there.


Finding Zen With Cancer:

Finding Zen With Cancer is the Zen blog of Linda, who, as she states in her opening paragraph, has had an up and down kinda life. Her life experience fuels her writing, making for enlightening and inspiring stories about Zen and about life in general. The best part of Finding Zen with Cancer is the personal touch that Linda puts into all her writing. Within a few minutes of reading you’ll likely feel like she’s a long lost friend. Great stuff! A truly memorable Zen blog that inspires positivity. Perhaps the most inspiring spiritual blog, period.


Best Tai Chi Blogs

A lot of readers have been asking me about Tai Chi recently. Not being a tai chi specialist, I’ve scoured the internet looking for the world’s finest tai chi blogs. Our readers who are interested in tai chi will love them. So, without further ado, here are the world’s best tai chi blogs (in no particular order).

Flowing Zen :

Flowing Zen isn’t a specialist tai chi blog. They do, however, write frequent articles on all different aspects of tai chi. One of the best spiritual blogs.

Their latest article is Real Experiences of Internal Strength.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I’ve been cultivating internal strength for nearly 2 decades. My own experiences give us plenty to talk about without needing to delve into the realm of hearsay.

As we move into the 21st century, I think it would be wise for us to stick to things that we have seen or experience personally. This doesn’t mean that you should only believe in things you’ve seen or felt. For example, I personally believe that some feats are possible even though I haven’t witnessed them (yet!).

This is the delicate balance of being a healthy skeptic. Investigate things, but remain open minded.

So let’s get started. Here are some of the things that I’ve personally experienced.

Experience #1: Vibrating Arms and Fingers

When I practice a Kung Fu form (especially Tai Chi forms), my arms and fingers start to vibrate. The same thing happens when I practice martial qigong exercises like One Finger Zen.

I’ll be the first to admit that the phenomenon is a bit odd. It looks as if I’m tensing my arms so hard that they are shaking.

But I’m not tensing. The vibration definitely doesn’t come from isometrics. My arms remain soft when this happens.”

Check out the blog here: Flowing Zen.

Energy Arts:

I think I’m right in saying that this is the best tai chi blog for actual tutorials. With a range of articles and videos you can learn virtually everything you ever wanted to know about tai chi. For more see: Energy Arts. One of the best spiritual blogs.

Here’s there video “5 Keys to Taoist Energy Arts Introduction”

5 Keys to Taoist Energy Arts Introduction

Tai Chi Notebook

Tai Chi Notebook is one of the only Tai Chi blogs on this list that delves into martial arts. Tai Chi Notebook is a very modern tai chi blog with excellent design and very well written articles. It definitely deserves it’s place in this list of the best blogs.

Excerpt From “Strikes – Soul Meets Body by Vladimir Vasiliev and Scott Meredith, a review.”

“First of all I feel the need to address the elephant in the room. This book (curiously?) doesn’t have the word “Systema” in its title or anywhere on the cover, except on the jumper Vladimir is wearing, but make no mistake, it is a book about the Russian martial art called systema. Systema often gets a bum rap from other martial artists, not by the practitioners, or the people who have tried a class, it should be noted, but more often by people who see the numerous videos of the art being trained on YouTube and cry foul. The videos often contain people moving in slow motion while falling head over heels backwards at the merest hint of a punch from a seemingly out of shape martial arts instructor. The BJJ community in particular is scathing of the systema groundwork videos out there.

To be fair, it’s not unreasonable to question a lot of these systema videos, but I feel the criticism is often born out of ignorance about what is actually happening. There are certainly some videos that seem like nonsense to me, but that’s often because systema uses unusual drills as a chief training method, often without explaining what the rules of the drill are before posting a video of it. Add to that the fact that there is an awful lot of nonsense in martial arts in general, from ‘no touch’ chi masters from China and Japan, to overweight, out of shape Western guys who think they’re ninjas, and you can see why it’s hard for systema to catch a break. But if you think about it, any martial art has parts that make zero sense to people outside of the art. For example, just look at a video of two high level black belts in BJJ scooting about on their butts and leg scissoring each other for 10 minutes in a competition to become ‘world champion’ and tell me that’s not as ridiculous as the wackiest of systema videos.”


Tai Chi Central:

What I love about Tai Chi Central is the personal feeling to all of the articles.

This website makes you feel like you know the author, and that’s a wonderful thing for a website to achieve. There are tons of well written articles by tai chi masters. A must read for anyone who likes spiritual blogs.

Excerpt from “Harmonious Combative Ecosystems”

“Each of us is a complex ecosystem consisting of countless physical, mental, and emotional components. While the solo form teaches us to recognize the integral nature of these seemingly disparate parts, practice with a partner expands our awareness so we can learn to integrate with the opponent’s ecosystem. Each part of one person becomes integral to the stability of each part of the other person. This is why it is said, “There is no enemy. I am one with the universe. Anyone who would attack me should be defeated by the nature of his or her own attack.”

Tai chi offers many stages of training between the literal technical application of the form and actual self defence. One of those stages is a type of “free-hands” incorporating the sticking and following of pushing hands (tuishou) and the various throws, joint controls, pressure point manipulation, striking and kicking. This practise aims to maintain and enhance the relaxation, flow, and control developed in the solo routine.”


 The Worst Spiritual Blogs (The Thieves You Follow On Facebook)

Time for a painful eye-opener. Most readers will not know this. But there are a LOT of “spiritual blogs” out there that steal other people’s content (they are content scrapers). And some of these blogs have hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers because people do not know that they steal all their content

Do you follow blogs on Facebook? Do they have hundreds of thousands of LIKES? Do they post new content every few hours or even faster? Bad news: They probably stole that content.

There are a LOT of blogs that do this. I have personally had hundreds of blog posts that have been stolen and published on other sites without permission.

That’s why I highly recommend that everyone do the following:

  1. Take a look at the spiritual blogs (or mindfulness / meditation / yoga blogs) you follow
  2. Is there a “Originally posted on” message at the bottom of the article? Does it point to another site? If so guess what? The person who posted that article probably did it without permission. In other words, they stole it.
  3. If there is no “originally posted on ” message, go to the next step.
  4. Copy and paste some of their content into Google (literally just copy the text and paste it right into the search).
  5. Does someone else’s post come up top on Google? If so it is probably the original poster.
  6. To be a superhero, reach out to the original blogger and tell them someone has copied their content.
  7. Unfollow the blog that stole the content.
  8. Follow the blog that actually created the content.
  9. To answer a common question: Yes, Facebook know that they are supporting people who steal content. No, they do not care. Yes, that is scummy.

I will be very happy to answer any questions you guys have about this. Just leave a comment.

Creating This Spiritual Blogs List

I prefer my blogs to be deep, like my meditations. So, all the spiritual blogs we’ve looked at are deep, intellectual, and take spirituality seriously.

The mindfulness, meditation and yoga blogs I’ve considered are truly excellent. Reading them is like taking a masters degree in spiritual psychology, they are that deep. They’ve covered everything from spiritual healing to reviewing the best psychics, to offering online counselling. And along the way they have shared some amazing stories about their lives. So I really do hope you enjoy them.

Are you interested in creating a spiritual blog?

As a meditation teacher and online marketing specialist, I help spiritual teachers, meditation teachers and yoga teachers to get started online.

Read my guides to:

Which is your favorite?

These are all my favorite spiritual blogs on meditation, mindfulness, yoga and tai chi.

Which is your favorite?

Have I missed any good spiritual blogs?

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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison BSc is a qualified meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in teaching meditation and mindfulness both to individuals and to corporations.


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