The Force Within: How To Live As Your Higher Self

how to live as your higher self

In this guest post, Bridgette Darroca discusses how to live as your higher self. If you enjoy Bridgette’s post, remember to share on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks.


As I stand before my brother’s tree, I have questions, upon questions, upon questions, upon questions. My Virgo mind can be attributed to this. My daily life is mixed between being deeply meditative with a knowingness that surpasses everything, to thoughts that rise up and make me question myself and sometimes my sanity: God/Youniverse what are the next steps? What if my business does not succeed? What if I can’t reach people? What if I am ineffective in my service to humanity? What if?

The wind picks up as I claim my intentions to God/Youniverse. Speaking out into existence, “I want to reach and help as many people as I can…I want to empower people so they can go forth and lead.” All of a sudden I hear “STOP”, “Use the Force Within.” This inner voice is our higher self. It is our force within, for we are all connected.

The way how to live as your higher self is to connect to that voice, to the force within. How?

I take three good deep breaths in. I feel the sun on the crown as it energizes every cell in my body.  I feel the wind as is wraps around in powerful cocoon. The force within is the sun, the trees, the wind, it is you and me. Listen to it. Use it. Act upon it. The force within is love.

Are you truly listening to your higher self? We all question ourselves and that is okay. It is fear, which is the killer of dreams.

When fear immobilizes you from moving forward and thoughts are bombarding you from all directions, stop, breathe, and feel the force within.

Remember, you are a magnificent being, born to do magnificent things. Love binds us together. It is the point at which creation begins. If everything is created from the force of love, anything is possible.

The following piece is for you. May you go into world as you are, boldly creating, and shining your light.

The force within
Lives in everything
In the wind, the trees
In the moon, the stars
In the sky
The force within gives life
It gives birth to all we see
It is limitless
Boundless in direction and reach
The force within is
It lives in you, therefore anything is possible
Getting brighter and brighter
Let your light
Flow out
Illuminating the world
Loving everything it touches


Bridgette Darroca is a professional healer and writer, residing in North Texas. She writes from the perspective of an empath, helping others empower themselves to their true nature.

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