20 Confidence Building Blogs That Actually Changed Our Lives

Let’s be completely honest about this. Confidence is something that a huge number of people could use more of. The vast majority of people suffer from low self confidence or, at best, they are confident in some areas of their life and completely under confident in others.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that there are so many blogs about confidence. There are spiritual confidence blogs, self help blogs, blogs about being confident with the opposite sex. . . blogs about pretty much everything. And, of course, LifeAndSelf.com is just one of those blogs.

Hopefully you have already read our acclaimed and highly popular articles on confidence, in which we’ve revealed:

How to improve confidence through writing

Where does confidence come from?

And our complete guide to Improving Self Esteem

So, if you’ve read all of them, you may well be looking for more fantastic confidence blogs. That’s where this list comes in.

The Best Confidence Blogs in the World

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LifeandSelf.com is pleased to present the top 20 confidence building blogs for 2013. These confidence blogs have been chosen for various reasons. Some offer psychological facts and insight into confidence. Others offer words of encouragement to help boost confidence. Others still offer specifics like being confident with your image or being confident when speaking.

The one thing all these blogs have in common is that within a few minutes of reading them you will feel more confident and have valuable insight and exercises to help building confidnece.

So, here are. ..

The Top 20 Confidence Building Blogs for 2013

  1. The Confidence Blog
  2. Inner Confidence Coaching
  3. F***YeahConfidence
  4. Girls Guide To Swagger
  5. Curves and Confidence
  6. Inner Confidence
  7. Pursuit of Confidence
  8. Full Confidence
  9. Social Confidence Centre
  10. Coaching Confidence


  1. Build My Confidence
  2. Double Your Confidence
  3. Power The Change
  4. The Confidence Lounge
  5. Confidence Coaching
  6. Own Your Confidence 
  7. Speaking Confidence
  8. Adalia Confidence and Success Blog
  9. Centre for Confidence
  10. Building Confident Leaders


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