10 Vicious Lies You Need To Stop Listening To About Meditation

There are so many myths about meditation. It seems the world mahad totally lost its mind about just exactly meditation is and isn’t. There are numerous untruths circulating the world regarding meditation. Of them all though, the following are the top ten most commonly told lies about meditation.



The Top Ten Myths About Meditation

1: Meditation is religious: This is the biggest of all myths about meditation.

It might have its origins in religion but meditation is not strictly spiritual. Meditation today is seen more as an alternative health practice than as a religious practice. And there are many types of non-religious meditation that atheists can use.

2: It is a cult: This is one of those myths about meditation that really boggles the mind.

It’s easy for anything vaguely spiritual to be confused as a cult. Meditation and mindfulness, however, is now commonly used by doctors and healthcare professionals as a part of cognitive behavioural therapy. It’s also used by businesses, athletics organisations and a plethora of other institutes.

3. Meditation is evil:  There are some myths about meditation that just fry your brains.

A lot of people have actually said that to me… I ask them to explain their thinking; they can’t. But many people thinking meditation is evil… still, a lot of people think a lot of things… and all thoughts are delusion anyway…

4. You have to sit in lotus position: Most pictures of meditation show the practitioner sitting with their legs crossed in lotus position. This is just one style. You can do it lying down, standing up, moving or sitting down. You can also practice mindfulness is practically any position.

5. Meditation is Escapist: This could not be any further from the truth. Many people believe it is escapist because you leave your thoughts and stresses behind. In reality, it allows the practitioner to focus on reality. People who meditate are able to see things for what they truly are. Meditation is the opposite of escapist.

6. Meditation is selfish:

Urggggh no one who actually has a clue would every believe this myth about meditation.

It’s easy to think that someone sitting doing a breathing meditation (which pretty much looks like doing nothing) or going for a relaxing Zen walking meditation is being selfish. Most practitioners meditate in order to overcome their own bias ways of thinking. This leads to greater compassion and kindness. As the Dalai Lama said, “Kindness is my religion.” This is the case for many meditation practitioners. In fact, many practice Loving Kindness, which actively involves developing compassion and which leads to great acts of kindness and love.

7. Meditation is for whackos: Some people link  it to e psychics crowd and other highly debatable practices. This gives meditation a bad image. Meditation is actually a very practical health practice and is used by many celebrities including Hugh Jackman, Angelins Jolie and others.

8. Meditation is against my religion: The vast majority of religions are not against it. Christians actually embrace the practice these days, as do most other religions. Though meditation is Hindu and Buddhist historically, it now exists as its own practice outside of religion.

9: Meditation costs money to learn: While you may wish to pay for a teacher you can really learn for free. You can find anything you’d like to know about meditation in our free online meditation course (see our front page) and you can buy our comprehensive guide to meditation for the low price of $2.99.

10: Meditation helps you physical and mental health and helps cure depression and anxiety, and also boosts your happiness and wellbeing. . . oh wait that’s not one of the myths about meditation. It’s scientific fact.



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