The Whole world Is Corrupted. But We Can Change It

world-is-corrupt quote

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”–Tacitus quote about world corruption. 

What is it that keeps billions of people locked up in their own tiny rooms when the whole world should be free to explore? Why, when there are so many amazing things just outside the window, are you sitting staring at a computer screen? What is holding you back? What is stopping you from becoming what you want to be, stopping you from doing what you want to do?

You wake up in the same room, the have the same breakfast, you go to the same job. Your sectioned off into your own little pigeonhole of society. But there is so much adventure just outside the window. We used to know that. Humankind used to explore and journey through the world, we used to be exposed to nature. But what happened? The whole world became corrupted and we all suffered. We’re told we’ve been given freedom, but if we were truly free we would never spend so much time indoors staring at a screen, or in jobs making piles of money for a millionaire / billionaire we don’t even know and likely will never even meet.

Today you don’t discover the world for yourself, you read about it in books and watch it on the TV. That’s not life, it’s life filtered through the powers that be. And you work yourself to the core for those same powers that be, and all they do in return is keep you imprisoned. And where does it end? If you’re in America there’s a 41% chance you’ll get cancer and a 1 in 3 chance you will die of heart disease.

But it’s okay. We’re told that so long as we throw enough money at scientists so they can research a cure then we’ll find a solution and the problem will vanish into thin air. But we’ve thrown billions at cancer and we still, amazingly, do not have a cure, we just have drug companies with billionaire CEOs. We’re told we’re rallying for a cure but we’re just filling the pockets of corrupt pharmaceutical companies.

But most people never even relies these shocking truths about life. Why? Because the people who own the media don’t want you to know.
But we are the real power. We are the people. We can change everything. We just have to educate one another. We have to spread awareness of the real corruption in the world.



We really need to start thinking about how society is messed up and broken. The proof is right in front of our eyes. It’s on the TV.

TV is the number one reflection of the reality of society. At least, once you look behind the scenes. If you want to see just precisely how society is messed up and broken look at the TV screen.

People obsessing over the real (fake) housewives of stars. Bad singers masquerading as musicians. Scantily clad models corroding the public perception of women.

Yeah. And then there are all those sick TV adverts.

TV ads let you know where society is really at. They paint the honest picture about money in this world. Because only the rich can afford the unbelievably high pricing rates of TV advertising.

If a product, company, or event is marketing itself on TV, you know it’s doing well.

So where is all this money in society? What kinds of brands and business are succeeding in this world of ours?

Lawyers. Fraudulent charities. Insurance scams. Pharmaceuticals.

Money today is in lawyers asking people to sue one another over bullshit accident claims. Money is in fraudulent charities pretending to raise funds for charities while taking 90% of the profit for themselves. Money is in the pharmaceutical industry—do I even need to point out how corrupt the pharmaceuticals industry is?

It’s no coincidence that these three industries are the most fraudulent industries on Earth.

Honestly. How often do you see ads from lawyers looking to find people who have been in auto accidents and wanting them to make claims for those accidents? Even though, let’s be honest, 90% of the accidents are of the person’s own fault—we all know about the “This coffee is hot. No, you’re a retard,” McDonald’s lawsuit.

Then there are the lawyers who help people to get government benefits for kids.

How many friends do you know who go to work nine to five, work their ass off, and make less money than “families” (I use the term generously) who are popping out babies just to make more and more money off of government subsidies?

The biggest money grabber going on right now is the mesothelioma lawyers. Did you know that there are people who will stalk mesothelioma cancer patients in hospitals just to get them to sign with a lawyer so the lawyer can make millions? How about leave them the f**k alone and let them recover?!

The same is true for auto accident lawyers. Those people will hire an intern to follow people into hospitals after an auto accident to get them to sign with their lawyer and sue the other driver. Honestly, how sick are those lawyers?

Charities are even worse. You want to give money to charity, but you know most of them are frauds.

I’ve given up giving money to charities. And I’m not happy about that. Because I would love to know that a little bit of money (the little bit I can actually afford) is going to help children in Africa, or to charities that protect nature and animals.

But we all know that those charities are an absolute fraud. Investigative research shows that less than 50% of charitable donations go to the people they’re supposed to go to. The vast majority of the money is pocketed by greedy CEOs who don’t actually give a crap.

And then there’s the pharmaceuticals industry. Good lord, you talk about how society is messed up and broken look at the medications we take.

Even though it’s proven that 90% of all medicines are placebos, the pharmaceuticals industry continues to rake in billions of corrupt dollars every year.

God knows how mad you have to be to actually take any of those medications. If you actually watch the adverts, the amount of side-effects medications give is off the chart. You want to take a pill for your blood pressure (and let’s be honest, you have high blood pressure because society throws so much bullshit at you that you’re choking under the stress of it all). And those blood pressure pills? They might lower your blood pressure. But their side effects include heart attack, stroke, sudden death syndrome, erectile dysfunction, blindness, cancer, and decapitation (well, okay, not decapitation, but the rest is true).

This is where the money is in society.

Every time I watch TV adverts I feel sick in my gut. Because it is so obvious that society is f**ked.

There used to be a time when working hard and being good at your job meant you made money. It was a long time ago. I spoke to my grandparents about it. They promised it did happen.

We think we’re moving forward as human beings and as a society. But in truth we’re just reverting to slavery, with the average person working their ass off to survive while greedy bastard CEOs raking in millions or even billions selling bullshit and persuading down-and-out people to sue each other.

We need a government that actually fights against this corruption. We need to change this society that’s so messed up and broken.  And we need to do it now, before it’s too late.