10 Zen Blogs We Are Absolutely Loving In 2017


Looking for the best Zen blogs to compliment your time on our meditation course? We’ve handpicked the world’s best Zen blogs for you to sink your teeth into. Each of these Zen blogs has its own unique style and feel, so be sure to read each of them to find the ones you like best.

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The World’s Best Zen Blogs


Sweeping Zen: I’ve never found a blog that made me feel more connected to the Zen way of life than Sweeping Zen. What makes the site so great are the frequent articles about various Zen sites from around the world. The authors discuss their experiences at Zen events and do an excellent job of documenting everything that is happening in the world of Zen. A must read!



Good Life Zen: The blog of Mary Jaksch. Jaksch describes herself as being a person who is passionate about helping others to live happier lives. Her blog reveals this passion admirably. Here, you’ll find the best practical advice on how Zen attitudes and exercises can contribute to a happier, healthier and more positive life.


Be More With Less: Be More With Less isn’t strictly a Zen blog though it does share much in common with the Zen mentality. This blog is all about slowing down and enjoying life. On Be More With Less you’ll find excellent practical advice on how to slow down and how to live the simple life. This is a highly relaxing read and is recommended for all.


Zen-Mama: Zen-Mama makes excellent use of multimedia in order to inspire the Zen mentality in all of us. I was particularly impressed by her use of the award winning short film Validation (which I previously wrote about on a sister-site: ARoleModel.com). She also uses infographics and informative articles to reveal how you can live a happier life with Zen.


TheZenMom.com: TheZenMom is the blog of Angela Chee, a TV host, writer, media coach and mother of 2. Angela Chee uses her blog to advocate the benefits of Zen in motherhood. She combines ancient wisdom with modern concerns to produce one of the most modern Zen blogs out there.



Finding Zen With Cancer: Finding Zen With Cancer is the blog of Linda, who, as she states in her opening paragraph, has had an up and down kinda life. Her life experience fuels her writing, making for enlightening and inspiring stories about Zen and about life in general. The best part of Finding Zen with Cancer is the personal touch that Linda puts into all her writing. Within a few minutes of reading you’ll likely feel like she’s a long lost friend. Great stuff!



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