These Buddha Figurines Are So Good You’ll Want Them All
These Buddha Figurines Are So Good You’ll Want Them All

I love Buddha. And I love anything that reminds me of Buddha, like Buddhist figurines. They remind me to follow the dharma and to strive to be enlightened.

Every time I see my favorite Buddhist figurine I immediately remember the lessons the Buddha taught. I remember to let go of attachments, to live a life of compassion, and, of course, to meditate. Are you with me on that?

If so, you might like to get some Buddhist figurines for your home, office, meditation room—anywhere you would like to be reminded of the lessons of Siddhartha.

These are simple little reminders to meditate and let go. And I put them right up there in terms of importance, right next to my favorite Buddha statues [read: The Best Buddha Statues For Home And Garden].

Let me show you my favorite Buddhist figurines for sale and why I love them so much.

The Best Buddha Figurines For Sale

These make great little decorative features for your home, especially if you have a meditation room [READ: Designing A Meditation Room At Home].

1: Laughing Buddha Sitting On Luck Coins And Carrying Ingot

buddha figurine 1Check Price On Amazon

As the title says, this is a figurine of Buddha laughing on a luck coin and carrying an ingot.  This is a traditional Chinese depiction of Buddha called “Laughing Buddha” because… well… he’s laughing.  The figurine has an ancient look about it and is said to attract wealth and abundance.

This one is about 5 inches tall so it is small enough to put in your office on the desk. He’s riding a Feng Shui dragon in the figurine and is atop a lucky coin.   

2: Lenox Exclusive Happy Praying Buddha Figurine

buddha figurine 2Check Price On Amazon

If you want to bring happiness to your home (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then this Smiling Buddha Figurine is absolutely perfect. What I love about this one is how cute it is. Just look at those chubby feet. Absolutely adorable!

The Happy Buddha Figurine is a big fat Buddha praying with his hands in prayer position (Anjali Mudra). This one is a little bit bigger than the last. It’s about seven inches tall and just as wide. It’s made of ceramic, with gold details, and the artistry is really nice.

This Buddha figurine is for happiness and contentment. So if that’s what you’re looking for, grab it

3: MyGift 12 Inch Meditating Buddha Figurine

buddha figurine 4Check Price On Amazon

This is a very traditional looking Buddha figurine with Buddha meditating in lotus position. It has a very relaxed feel to it, making it perfect for injecting a little Zen into your home or office space, or even into the garden if you like.

This is quite a big Buddha figurine. It measures an impressive 11 inches. It looks very traditional with a dark gray finish that makes it look like stone (it’s actually make of a polyresin).  

My favorite thing about this Buddhist figurine is that it looks very traditional. So if you have a traditional meditation space it will work perfectly with it.  

4: Buddha Figurine With Candle Holder

buddha figurine 3Check Price On Amazon

If you’ve noticed that these Buddha figurines have been getting gradually larger… well… you’re right. Help yourself to a cookie. This one is 12 inches tall.

What I love about this Buddha figurine is how tranquil Buddha looks. The statue is darker than the rest and there is a real sense that Buddha is deep in contemplation in this piece. He’s holding a candle that is actually an LED light, and I can imagine Buddha sitting in a cave somewhere meditating when I look at it. Is had lovely Asian flair art style and delicate gold features.

This is the best Buddhist figurine if you are looking for something tranquil and relaxing.

5: Grasslands Road Happy Meditating Buddha Figurine

buddha figurine 5Check Price On Amazon

When I look at this figurine of Buddha I can’t help but smile. He looks so joyful and content. I find this one perfect to put in the living room or somewhere you want a little bit of joy.

This Buddha figurine is quite a bit heavier than it looks and is durable enough to place outside in the garden, if you have a meditation garden [READ: How To Create A Meditation Garden].


And those are my very favorite Buddha figurines. Aren’t they adorable?!

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential.

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