This Amazing Lego Prosphetic Arm Is Changing The Lives Of Child Amputees

LEGO prosphetic arm

Can you imagine what it must be like for a child to lose an arm? The trauma. The changes to their life. The imability to do things they used to enjoy, things other kids do, like painting, writing, and playing. And that’s not to mention the reality that kids who look different are often the victims of bullying at school. Being an amputee takes a toll on a kid.

But thankfully there are many people in the world with the heart, the kindness, and the talent to make a difference in the lives of young amputees. One such person is Carlos Torres. A professional designer, Carlos has created the IKO Creative Proshpetic System, which helps young amputees to stay active after they’ve lost a limb.

It’s not an ultra high-tech prosphetic arm. It’s much simpler than that. Carlos and his team have come up with a truly awesome way to help young amputees to be creative and to stay confident.

Their creation is truly amazing.

The IKO Proshpetic System allows kids to create LEGO attachments to the arms.

This young amputee is using the IKO Proshpetic System . It allows kids to use LEGO-like parts for prosphetic arms.

Carlos put in countless hours to make sure that the project was a success.

Carlos went out and intervieed the top orthopedic technicians, psychologists, and therapists in Colombia. He then went to LEGO Future Lab in Denmark and worked with them towarsd the idea. Lego helped Carlos to finalize the prosphetic arm.

Carlos says, “During my time in Lego Future Lab I realised that Lego allows you to build virtually anything, and Lego is something you can build with family and friends.”

8 year old Dario had congenital malformation and his right arm needed to be amputated.

This young man had congenital malformation that meant his right arm needed amputating. The IKO prosphetic arm is helping.

Dario, an Eight year old Columbian boy with congenital malformation, conducted the quality testing on the LEGO prosphetic arm. Carlos is now starting to develop the LEGO prosphetic arm for commercial production.

The Lego Prosphetic Arm should be available in the second half of 2016.

You can learn more about the LEGO prosphetic arm by watching this video.

IKO Creative Prosthetic System

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