Awesome New Research Shows How Your Dogs Help With Depression

how dogs help with depression

So it turns out lots of people believe that dogs can help with depression. And I’m one of them.


Two talented filmmakers have made two great videos all about dogs and depression. The first shows you what depression is. The second shows how your dog can help you overcome depression. Let’s take a look.


What Is Depression? This Amazing Dog Video Reveals All

This dog video will speak volumes about your own life. It is probably the most important dog video of all time.

The video reveals what depression is.

Depression is a serious, debilitating medical condition. Millions of people around the world suffer from depression every day. Many of those people actively seek out help but they do not know where to turn. But the truth is that depression is treatable and preventable. By recognising the warning signs and symptoms of depression you can help someone to find the assistance that they need tin order to recover.

The World Health Organisation has created this video with the help of illustrator and writer Matthew Johnstone in order to educate people about depression.

I had a black dog, his name was depression


Your dog is adorable and amazing. But you know that already… Now, science has proven how dogs help with depression.



If you’re a pet owner like me I’m pretty confident you’ll agree on one thing. Your pet is about the best mood lifter you know. That wagging tail, those droopy and soulful eyes, the warm fur…. You already know that your dog makes you really, really happy,so this bit of news might not comes as a surprise, but…

Science has proven that your dog is a natural antidepressant

Here are some of the amazing ways how dogs help with depression around the world:

Patients living in nursing homes with live-in dogs overcome depression faster than those without live-in dogs.

A single therapy session with a dog is enough for a child with psychiatric disorders to show better moods.

Dogs help keep childless couples together.

When long-term care patients are given a dog to play with they immediately show less of the signs of loneliness.

When you put a dog into a social situation, the people in that situation smile more and talk more.


Yup. Your dog is a natural mood lifter. But how do we explain how dogs help with depression? 

Scientific research shows that the reasons why dogs lift moods is all about oxytocin, the “love hormone”. Oxytocin is vital to healthy emotions and happiness. Now, scientific research has proven that when you play with a dog you get a natural release of oxytocin.

Dogs also help us to prevent depressing situations. For instance, people who have a dog are more likely to go for daily walks, and those daily walks make you happier.

Dogs also put an end to your inner-critic. When we’re depressed are inner voice becomes our enemy, telling us how crappy we are. But scientific research has shown that your dog makes you release oxytocin, and when you release oxytocin your self talk is stopped. Add to that the fact that your dog loves you unconditionally, and it’s clear to see how your little furry love-ball can help to keep you free from negativity.

And then there’s the fact that your dog makes you more active. You dog gets you out of bed when they leap on your belly. They get you outside when they want a walk. They make you play with them. And all of that energy burning activity helps keep your body and mind in a healthy, active state.

Dogs also help you to be more mindful. Mindfulness is the state of being non-judgmentally aware of the present moment. Dogs live in the now. They’re not like humans, they don’t dwell in the past. Your dog is active and in the moment. By being around your dog you yourself live in the moment too.

My advice? Go give your dog a great big hug and let him know how much he means to you.  

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