The Well is one of the finest luxury wellness clubs in NY. It’s a place where you’re invited to slow down with all manner of yoga, meditation and wellness events.   

Take a trip to The Well in NY and you’ll enter an $18m bi-level space that was opened in September. It’s like a personal wellness heaven where Eastern philosophy (in the form of yoga and ayurveda) meet with modern wellness approaches. There are support circles and all manner of spas. It’s has every wellness practice you could possibly need, most of them lavish (a private craniosacral therapy session costs $170 for members, for instance).

You will be met with a heath coach to discuss your wellness goals and your personal health history. They coach is there to make sure you choose the right wellness approach for your personal needs and because, well, Big Pharma just doesn’t have your back these days.

One of the focuses at The Well NY is to take a holistic approach to better gut health, not just so that you can get your beach bod ready for summer but because most health problems start in the gut. The diet prescribed is one that’s full of probiotics, kimchi, and a total lack of caffeine and dairy. You’re given a three-guided for better sleep and an assessment to reveal how fit you are. This is used to set-up your routine for your own wellness program. You meet with the coach once a month to check-in and see how you’re doing. And one of the focuses is on stress and anxiety, because, let’s face it, most of us have problems with those two things.

The Well was funded by venture capitalists and private investors. It’s a Zen space that frankly blows my own personal home Zen space out of the water [READ: How To Zen Your Home]. There’s a library, a reflexology lounge, a mindful movement yoga studio, a gym, a restaurant, and tons of artisan products for sale.   

It provides that same thing all luxury wellness clubs do: A feeling of being better than your regular self, healthier and more self-loving. It’s like a personal haven you can go to restore your inner strength, to reconnect with your health and to remind yourself of the myriad different wellness practices you should be doing at home if only you had the time. It’s vision is to redefine what we think of as healthcare.

It costs $5000 a year and many of the therapy sessions are charged art an additional cost, so the price ticket is up there, but then this is precisely what you expect from a luxury wellness spa of such grandiosity.  I only wish my work benefits package covered for a luxury wellness club!

Probably the best thing you will get out of it isn’t the professional therapists. It’s the connect you get with other members who are themselves trying to improve their personal wellness. There’s that sense of group motivation, everyone essentially wanting the same thing: optimum health. It provides a sense of belonging in an age when loneliness is at an all time high. Unlike most meditation retreats and wellness retreats, which only last a week or so, there are genuine connections developed here because you’re there for the year or more. And in my estimate, that sense of community is probably what will make people keep coming back.

What The Well is doing is one the forefront of clubs for affluent areas. With the rise of wellness in general we are certain to see more luxury wellness clubs like NY’s The Well opening up.  And just like there are cheap gym memberships, there are likely to be less-luxurious, more modest equivalents opening around the world too.

What I find most fascinating about this wellness movement and the numerous retreats and spas opening around the world is how empowering they are. We are moving past the time when wellness was simply whatever your doctor told you to do, to a time when wellness is a more internal thing. It’s about mindfulness, about understand your own consciousness and your connection with food and nature. And the wellness industry is changing to accommodate for that.

The very way we think about health is changing. We’re putting down the bottle of tablets and connecting with ourselves. We’re learning that wellness comes from within. And the successful wellness business of tomorrow will be the ones that give people the power to connect with their deeper selves, to take wellness into their own hands. The Well NY does that, primarily, by revealing the staggering amount of wellness practices that there are, and by connecting us with a group of similar people all with that one goal: to take control of their health.

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Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.