How To Buy Singing Bowl Sets The Right Way [Buying Guide]

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A collection of Tibeta singing bowls being used for massage therapy

In this Tibetan Singing Bowl buying guide I will show you how to buy singing bowl sets that are perfect for you, and I’ll share the best singing bowls for sale right now. 

When you want to buy singing bowls, you really have to know the good from the bad. Otherwise you will waste a lot of money. 

But stop sweating: I’m about to save you money and help you buy a singing bowl you will love. 

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In this singing bowl buying-guide, we’ll look at:


How To Buy Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets Or Individual Pieces—Buying Guide

So by now it should be fairly obvious why you would want to buy a Tibetan Singing Bowl. Which one should you get?

Well, for starters it is important to check that your set produces the right bowl sounds for healing. And then to purchase from a quality supplier.

Here are my choices of the very best singing bowls to buy. 


 Ohm Store Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set ($21)

tibetan singing bowl


For an economical bowl I recommend the Ohm Store Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set

The frequency of this singing bowl is 552 HZ, D-flat. And it’s been tested with the water technique and does indeed make water ripple and jump.
Made of brass and without seams, this bell produces a good tonal quality. And at the price range it is highly affordable and makes for a nice gift. Of course this is just one bell so it does not activate all chakras.



Chakra Singing Bowl Set

chakra singing bowls


For an economical complete set of Chakra singing bowls, I recommend TheMelMart’s 7 Piece set.

These singing bowls are 4 inches, 4.5 inches, 5 inches, 5.5 inches, 6 inches, and 7.5 inches. It  comes with a 7-ring cushion and 7-pieces wooden mallet, plus 1 or 2 drumsticks. The set is handmade in Nepal and comes whosale from Singing-Bowl House, an authentic Tibetan singing bowl manufacturer.
Both the look and sound of these bowls is authentic. And they produce a fantastic audio range to open the chakras.




The Best Chakra Singing Bowl Set To Buy 

crystal singing bowls


If you want the best of the best, you have to go with ca full set of chakra crystal singing bowls. 

TopFund’s quartz crystal singing bowls are the best. They look and sound beautiful. And they are the perfect Tibetan singing bowls for opening chakras.

These bowls are made from 99.9% pure quartz and create a deep, resonant sound.

One of the best things about these chakra singing bowls is that you can choose your size. The retailer has options for 8-10 inches up to 8-20 inches. It comes with a rubber base to sit the bowl on, and a rubber mallet.

For me, this is the best singing bowl set for healing and chakra activation. It also makes a stunning  gift for Buddhists.




Tibetan Singing Bowl Buying Guide—Tips

Here are some tips to bear in mind when you buy Tibetan singing bowls.

1. Be aware that there are a lot of Tibetan Singing Bowls that look old but are actually new. They’re fake-antiques. Worse, they do not have the right musical tones, history or energy for a singing bowl. If you want to know how to buy singing bowls in the antique range, I highly recommend researching how to tell antiques from fakes.  YoWangDu has written an excellent guide that explain important facts about how singing bowls are made. Read the article here. It answers a lot of questions. While there are lots of authentic Tibetan singing bowls for sale, there are lots of fakes too.


2. If a Tibetan singing bowl is being marketed as old it should be at least a hundred years old. Some vintage singing bowls in private collections are thousands of years old. You can tell if it’s a genuine antique singing bowl by looking for specific markers. For instance, genuine antiques will have markings inside and out. Genuine antique singing bowls will be thinner on the bottom, may have a certificate saying it has been certified as genuine, and will cost from $100 (for a very small bowl) to many thousands of dollar for a large one.

Old bowls are made of different materials, too. The new ones are typically made of a type of bronze called “bell metal”, which is made of copper and tin. Antique bowls are made of high-quality bronze and various other metals, such as gold, silver, meteoric iron (sky-metal) and thogcha.


3. What are you going to use the bowl for?

When it comes to knowing how to buy singing bowls, you first need to decide what you’re going to do with it:

  • Healing?
  • Grounding?
  • Chakra meditation?
  • In yoga classes?
  • For decoration?
  • What type of meditation will you be doing? Zen? Mindfulness? OM?

These are important considerations to make. For instance, for chakra healing you will need a specific chakra singing bowl set, or the correct singing bowl for the chakra you are healing because different chakras require different frequencies.


4. Consider the mallet

Mallets come in different sizes and weights. Some are suede. Some wood. Some felt-covered. Mallets vary greatly. The weight, size and material of the mallet will affect the sound the bowl makes. That’s one reason why you should always try and play the singing bowl before buying it.

tibetan singing bowl mallets

A mallet to use with Tibetan singing bowls


5. Testing sound quality

It’s very important to test the sound of the bowl by playing it yourself before you buy. A good bowl will make a rich, resonant sound that lasts for a long time when it is struck. You should be able to hear the overtones it’s producing. If the bowl doesn’t hold its sound it is a badly made bowl. Even economical bowls should hold their sound.


6. Does the bowl sound tinny?

That’s another sign of a bad bowl. Don’t buy it.


6. Where to buy Tibetan Singing Bowls

To find an authentic antique Tibetan singing bowl, I recommend visiting  a specialist antique store specialising in world culture or spiritual items. For all other times, it;s easier (and reliable) to use an online store.



Tibetan Singing Bowls And The Chakras

Singing bowls are designed to help activate all chakras. This is one thing that makes them different to crystal bowls and tuning forks.


Some singing bowls are better at activating certain chakras than others.

For instance, bowls that produce low tones are good for opening the root chakra, mid tones for the heart chakra, and high tones for the third eye chakra.

That’s one reason why some people like to buy several different singing bowls: one for each chakra.

If you are working with the chakras, remember to either buy one excellent singing bowl that will open all chakras, or alternatively buy a set of bowls that produce different tones so that they activate all chakras.



The History of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Here are some interesting facts about the history of Tibetan singing bowls:

  1. Some antique singing bowls are up to 5000 years old, meaning they predate almost all other tools used in meditation.
  2. Bronze bells, similar to Singing Bowls, have been used since the 10th Century BC. Tibetan Singing Bowls have existed since around 5000 years ago. (1)
  3. Many people believe that Tibetan Singing Bowls are Buddhist in origin, but they actually predate Buddhism. It wasn’t until about 2500 years ago that Buddhists began to play Tibetan Singing Bowls. The monks found the sound the bowls made to be very relaxing. It is a healing sound. And that is why Buddhist monks have meditated on the sounds ever since.   (2).   


And that’s how to buy singing bowls that you will love 

In this guide we’ve covered everything you need to to buy  Tibetan Singing Bowls. And we’ve looked at the fascinating history and science of singing bowls. 

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