They Told Plus Size Model Isabella Delacroix To Stop Modelling; but she’s happy with her body and isn’t about to listen.

Isabella Delacroix is a plus size fashion model. For years she’s been hearing comments, from both men and women, about how she should either lose weight or cover up her skin. But Isabella isn’t the sort of woman to listen to hate.


Recently, Isabella received an email from a male model. Her response to the email is priceless.


Here’s the email she received.




Why the hell do you continue to embarrass yourself in front of the world? You’re a model, and you’re heavily overweight. It’s gross. You’re not healthy, and, honestly, I hate to say it, but you’re not exactly attractive either. Why don’t you just quit modelling and get a day job? I know you’re happy with your own body– congrats? But honey, no one else wants to see that body. Sorry, it just happens to be the truth. 


Johnny Bannister,


Here’s how Isabella replied to the message. . .




I’m so sorry to hear that my body offends you. Doubtlessly you are used to seeing very thin women modelling. That’s fine, but don’t you think there’s room in the world for plus size women to model too?


My body is beautiful. In fact, all bodies are beautiful. The human body is the most beautiful thing in the world, and not just for thin people, but for everyone. Everyone is beautiful, don’t you think? Whether a person is thin, plus size, young, old… we are all beautiful.


I’ve been listening to negative comments for years. People always tell me I should stop, or that I should lose a lot of weight. But that’s their prejudice, their ignorance. I am healthy and I am beautiful, and I am happy with my own body. In fact, I would say I and other plus size models are often healthier than many very thin models. But whether we’re overweight or thin, we are all beautiful in our own individual way.

I won’t hold your words against you. I’m not offended by what you have said. I only hope that you, and people like you, can overcome your prejudices and can learn to appreciate the beauty of all people.

Isabella Delacroix. 

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