Tom Brady Doing Yoga On Sideline Proves Yoga For Men Is Huge
Tom Brady Doing Yoga On Sideline Proves Yoga For Men Is Huge

In case you’ve been wondering how real the whole “men doing yoga” thing is, New England Patriots player Tom Brady was just filmed on the sidelines doing yoga Thursday night.

The American Football player is hugely into yoga and has often touted the importance of flexibility in his workout, especially on his site TB12 Sports.

Brady is also married to model Gisele Bundchen, who has often spoken to the media about the importance of meditation for health.  

Here’s the video of Tom Brady doing yoga

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In case you’re wondering what specific yoga poses Tom Brady is doing: He starts with a modified tree pose and the goes into Warrior III (probably modified because of the fact that he’s doing it on the sideline with limited space available)

This Is Actually A Big Moment For The Men’s Yoga Movement

It’s taken a long time for society to wake-up to the idea of men doing yoga.

The typical image of yoga that is portrayed by the media is massively skewed towards the feminine. It’s rare that men are shown doing yoga, compared to women. And this despite the fact that there is seriously huge benefits of yoga for men as well as for women.

Tom Brady, however, is the sort of iconic figure that can easily change the way we perceive yoga. A megastar who is about as famous in America as hamburgers, he has the influence to change society’s perception of yoga and to inspire men around the world to start doing yoga themselves.

Hopefully more famous male athletes will start doing yoga publicly and change the perception of yoga. That way more men around the world will get into yoga (which has thankfully already started to happen over the past couple of years).

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Tom Brady’s Yoga Video Is Just One Example Of Male Athletes Doing Yoga And Meditation 

Both yoga and meditation offer massive benefits to athletes. And Tom Brady’s yoga-on-the-sideline is not the only example.

Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson’s meditation training was recently hot news. Thompson spoke about how meditation and mindfulness help him prepare his mind for a big game and handle the pressure.

Scientific studies have shown that there are lots of benefits of meditation for athletes. Not only does meditation cut out the stress, it also improves reaction times and even boosts your coordination. Using yoga and meditation as a training tool can massively improve an athlete’s performance. That’s one reason why huge sports teams are using yoga and meditation for their training sessions.  

And of course, you yourself can benefits from both yoga and meditation too. Take a look at my guide to meditation techniques to get started, or why not try practicing yoga at home today.


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