Tone It Up App & Website Review

tone it up review app website
tone it up review app website

If you’re looking for a truly inspirational and motivational app and website to get in shape, you definitely have to check out Tone It Up, the creation of two friends, Katrina and Karen.

These two beautiful women are so encouraging and positive they will fire you up with motivation to get in shape, lose weight and feel good.

The Tone It Up app features different programs tailored to your individual needs. There’s the Summer Tone It Up (8 weeks), Beach Babe (4 weeks), Love Your Body 2020 (4 weeks), Toned Body, Tone It Up mama (12 weeks), Tone It Up pregnancy (36 weeks), Tone It Up Strength (6 weeks) 14 day Slay, and Toned Min (4 weeks).

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Tone It Up App & Website Review

The Tone it Up app and website includes on-demand videos with HIIT, weight training, kickboxing, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and more. And yes, as a meditation teacher I am obviously most interested in the meditation section, which is great! There’s also a shop where Katrina and Karen share their recommended items and recipes, which are categorised by food type (salad, bakery, breakfast, smoothies and more)

You also get your own personal profile that you can use to set your individual preferences and to refer to your recent activities and set your favourite workouts.

One of the best things about both the Tone It Up app and website is the community. It’s a positive place where you can connect with similar people and motivate one another. You can set your different interests and personality types (like “travelist” and “stellar student”).

What I love most about the Tone It Up app and website is the positivity. Karen and Katina are two truly inspiring people whose positive energy is infectious (the fact that they’re both insanely good looking is just a perk, ha ha).

I’ve mostly tried the meditation and workout sections, because I wanted see whether I should recommend this app to our readers. And I can wholeheartedly say that you should definitely check it out.

The app is available on the App Store.

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By Paul Harrison

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