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We all propose new challenges and objectives: lead a healthier life, abandon bad habits…. Some motivational mobile apps will help you meet your personal goals and objectives.

We have selected for you these 10 mobile motivation and self-help apps for 2019 that you will want to have on your mobile. Some are for iOS, others for Android, stay tuned and try the one that best fits what you need. But before you continue, it’s recommended to visit Kasamba. There you’ll get some perspectives of finding love and happiness while strengthening your spirituality.

  1. Tarot Card Reading Predictions

Tarot readings can be incredibly accurate and much depends on the deck of cards in relation to your person and the reader. It is the reader who can help you understand the tarot and how it works, so you can connect more easily with what they reveal to you. If you are in love and think that this person does not belong to you, you need to consult a good reader of these letters, it is very likely that he will recommend some love ties. The reader will know how to give it the exact meaning and it is possible that it will help you guide your effort and get the love of your life. Now, why are these moorings important, how can we interpret them? Well, there may be two ways, first, perhaps, your relationship is over, but you still feel connected and it’s hard to get rid of that bond. This feeling of being connected prevents you from making new relationships and that makes you feel helpless, and no matter what you do, you simply cannot do it aside. Cutting the bonds of love is an exercise that can help you free yourself from the emotional influence you have with someone. Confused in finding a good Tarot reader? Don’t worry, Tarot Card Reading Predictions can help you. This app is available for iOS and Android with different names. Interested? Just click Tarot for iPhone or Tarot for Android devices.

  1. Fabulous: Motivate me!It is one of the most recommended motivational applications in technology blogs. Fabulous is not just a follower of habits or an app to qualify yourself, it has a holistic approach, to train your happiness. Fabulous will guide you through routines and personalized advice based on daily habits that you will have to complete throughout the day to overcome the goals and challenges presented by the application.
  2. StridesIt is one of the most recommended apps to set goals and habits. This is responsible for reminding you, with graphics, how are you doing in the process of fulfilling your purposes in health, finance, studies, business, finance … It is very thorough .

4. 7 Weeks

As the name implies, 7 Weeks helps to acquire new habits or get rid of bad ones, in a few weeks. Its method is based on the bestseller The power of habit. Scientists believe that the ideal point to develop a habit is around 7 weeks, so once you have completed 49 days in a row with a small failure, you can be sure that you have developed a positive habit, broken a bad habit or completed an objective. You must mark with an “x” the day you meet your goal. Each day you complete you will approach your goal, increasing your motivation, willpower and discipline.

5. Nature sounds

This application of very easy use and simple interface, comes with more than 17 themes that vary from the sound of the sea, to the night rumor on an island. You can program the meditation time and also, allows you to customize it by mixing the different sounds. For example: the one with the fire with the rain in the forest.

  1. Tinder

It is not at all spiritual but is very useful for finding a mate. Undoubtedly, the advancement of technology is making it possible to carry all those tools you need in your pocket or help you live day to day and meet your expectations. Social relations are something important in people’s lives and although people from different fields can be continually being met, sometimes it would be necessary to meet more people who share the same hobbies or tastes to be able to perform some type of activity together with them. One of the most popular apps for flirting is Tinder, which, in addition, is widely used by young people, but also by people of all ages and most countries in the world. Its operation is simple, and therefore its great popularity. If you use Tinder with some frequency the results arrive. In this app you can find all kinds of people. If you look well, even people who want something serious. To be able to talk with users it is necessary that both of you like and give yourself a “like”. But it is also possible to let the other person know that you are interested thanks to the “superlikes”. The payment option allows you to use more utilities. For example, the change of location. Very useful if you are going abroad and want to meet people before moving.

  1. Jesus Film Project:For some people, religion is a way to get their spirituality. If you’re a follower of Jesus, you should deal with Jesus Film Project. This app is dedicated to movies, shorts, and Christian miniseries that help you get to know Jesus better. An advantage of this application is that you can download the videos and watch them even when you don’t have an internet connection. You can also send them to your contacts and, in this way, make others receive a message of hope. Each video contains a list of questions that serve to reflect and help you get an idea about the possible questions you could ask your friends.
  1. Palm Reading – Live Palmistry

Palm reading or hand prediction is the art of learning about a person’s personalities, luck, and future by analyzing their hands. It is also called palmistry. In fact, palmistry not only refers to hand or palm reading, but also includes reading the arm, finger and nail. By reading the lines of the hands, the shape and size of the hand, the length and flexibility of the finger, the nail, etc. we can predict the character traits, health, wealth, wisdom, career, marriage and many other aspects of a person. The reading is believed to have originated in India 5000 years ago. However, it spread to China in 3000 BC and the reading of the eastern palm took a distinctive form. It extended to Europe and other parts of the world. People spent years figuring out what the lines on the palm meant. Long research has led to the development of palm reading as a technique. Chinese palm reading believes that the appearance of a person’s hand can be an indicator of their destiny. They believe the lines on a person’s palm provide insight into their future. Today, with the advancement of digital technology, we can read hands briefly and without any experience. Palm Reading – Live Palmistry is an application that can help each user to read hands with fairly accurate results (based on our experience). If you use iPhone, Palm Reading for iPhone is for you but if your gadget is an Android smartphone, you should use Palm Reading for Android devices.

  1. Aura

If you want to get a practical meditation guide then Aura is one of the best. By following the guidelines given you can meditate easily to calm your mind and achieve peace.

  1. Psychic Reading Prediction

This application is useful for fortune telling. So far the accuracy is quite high. Having various useful features such as tarot reading, psychic reading and love & relationship, each user will be spoiled with predictions that are close to reality. Get Psychic Reading Prediction for Iphone if you are using an iPhone and Psychic Reading Prediction for Android devices if you are using an Android phone.


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