Top 5 Benefits of Practicing Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

In this article we will be looking at Sahaj Samadhi meditation and its benefits. This is a method in which we effortless access a deep meditative state. And it is perfect for the modern day.

The modern era has witnessed a technological advancement that has made living easier than ever before. Today, we have all the conveniences available to us at the click of the button, yet more and more people everyday are suffering from stress related ailments.

Even with all the information available to us, we are struggling when it comes to mind and its processes. We have become victims of our own minds. Our inability to control our overactive mind gives rise to mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Meditation has become a wildly popular practice in the west with more and more people moving towards yoga and meditation for physical and mental health benefits.

However, many people remain confused and doubtful about meditation because there are so many different ways to meditate and there are no clear and concise guidelines.

Let me share with you one of my personal favorite meditation techniques: Sahaj Samadhi meditation. Benefits are plentiful from this powerful technique. Let’s look at what it is and how to do it.


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What Is Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

The meaning of “Sahaj Samadhi” is given in the name, taken from Sanskrit.

  • Sahaj: means natural or effortless in Sanskrit
  • “Samadhi” means a deep state of meditation.

Sahaj Samadhi is a meditation practice that enables us to experience a deep state of relaxation and restful calm using techniques which are easy to practice.

Sahaj Samadhi meditation is a mantra based  method[READ: Mantra Meditations For Beginners]. In this technique, a mantra or a word is repeated silently over and over again in the mind. The chanting of this mantra calms down the overactive mind and settles us down in a state of restful calm where we experience pure bliss.

I was introduced to Sahaj Samadhi meditation through the Art of Living Foundation and the renowned Indian spiritual leader and meditation teacher Shri Shri Ravi Shankar [wiki].

This technique has had a very profound effect on my life, and in that context, I would like to share some of the benefits of Sahaj Samadhi meditation with you.

Benefits Of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

1. Increases Focus and Mental Clarity

Sahaj Samadhi meditation, when practiced over a period of time, leads to mental clarity and helps in building focus and concentration.

The state of Samadhi is that of complete rest where you dissolve the sensations of the physical body. Thoughts arising in your mind are completely gone and you are just left only with the realization of ‘being’.

We don’t realize but our thoughts hold a lot of weight in our day to day life. Most people who practice Sahaj Samadhi have reported feeling very light after practice sessions. When the mind is clear, the weight of our thoughts is gone, and as a result, there is a feeling of extreme bliss.

In the past, I used to have trouble staying focused on one particular task for a long time. My overactive monkey mind used to keep me distracted all the time. As a result, I was lagging behind in my work and it started affecting my work.

Just after two months I noticed the benefits of Sahaj Samadhi meditation. I saw a big transformation within myself. I was able to increase my focus and concentration. The mental clarity I developed as a result of practicing meditation helped with my decision making skills [READ: Meditation For Decision Makers].

2. Increase in the Energy Levels of the body

Practicing Sahaj Samadhi increases the flow of vital energy within the body. This vital energy, or prana, is a part of the spiritual body and is said to directly influence the energy and vitality of the physical body.

According to ancient yogic beliefs, prana is not a part of the physical body but directly affects the functioning of the physical processes within the body. Optimal flow of this vital energy ensures physical and mental wellbeing.

Meditation rejuvenates our mind by getting rid of excessive thoughts and that in turn makes us feel more vibrant and energetic.

Because of reduced stress and anxiety, I started sleeping much better and ate healthy food. So naturally, I felt more energetic and could work for long hours without feeling exhausted.

3. Improves Relationships

Let me share my own personal experience on this. A couple of years back I was struggling in my career, and as a consequence, I used to be stressed and anxious all the time. The feeling of anger and frustration was clearly visible on my face and in my mannerisms.

My practices with Sahaj Samadhi helped me calm down my stress and anxiety to a high degree. It showed me who I was and what I had become. It made me realize that life has a greater design for me and that I had to think beyond myself in order to truly experience a fulfilling life.

Over time I completely got rid of my worries and anxieties. I was not scared of attending social gatherings and family functions anymore. I started reconnecting with people and my relationship with the people started improving over time.

When I started treating people with love and respect, they gradually started appreciating my efforts.

4. Improves Physical Health

For the past 15 years I was struggling with physical health issues such as migraine headaches, lower back pain and inflammation in joints. I tried all kinds of treatments, took medication, but nothing seemed to work. The moment I stopped my medication the problems came back with even more intensity.

Somewhere within me I knew that I was not addressing the root cause of my ailments. I was just trying to suppress the symptoms.

My health starting improving over time as I switched to a healthy lifestyle and incorporated meditation in my daily routine. The frequency of my headaches started reducing, my lower back pain and joints inflammation was gone, I was able to reduce my weight (50 pounds) after many years of struggle, and much more.

The root cause of all my problems was stress generated by my mind which had reduced the flow vital energy within my body. Once I took care of my mind, everything else got sorted out on its own.

5. Makes You Emotionally More Resilient

Ability to regulate your emotions is one of the biggest challenges of modern day living. Just like our body, our mind is also constantly running chasing one thought after another. Overactive mind results in poor quality sleep, bad eating habit, weakened immunity, and a lot of other problems.

When you are self-aware you know how to take care of yourself. Being self-aware is the ability to look deep within yourself and understand what’s going on there. It’s the ability to deal with the afflicting thoughts and emotions buried deep within the subconscious mind.

Emotional resilience allows for better decision-making and is a very desired trait in people working in leadership positions. An emotionally sound person knows how to handle a tough situation and resolve conflicts in the best possible manner.

How to Practice Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Sahaj Samadhi meditation is a simple technique that can be practiced from the comfort of your home. Just practicing it for 15 to 20 minutes can bring about a profound transformation to your life.

As I mentioned above, Sahaj Samadhi meditation makes use of beej mantra as the anchor of meditation. This is very different from other forms meditation techniques such as vipassana (insight meditation) where breath is used as the anchor.

You can practice Sahaj Samadhi meditation by sitting in sukhasana (easy pose), close your eyes and slowly repeat the mantra over and over again in your mind. While in the process, your mind will often wander to random thoughts.

In that case, gently bring your awareness back to the mantra and continue. For more information on Sahaj Samadhi meditation, you can visit the Art of Living Foundation website.

Final Thoughts

Practicing Sahaj Samadhi meditation allows the mind to easily transcend from the turbulent state (at the surface of the conscious mind) to the infinite depths of the subconscious, which is believed to the center of creative intelligence and unlimited joy.

It is so surprising that something so natural and effortless can have such a profound effect on us. Sahaj Samadhi lays the foundation of higher spiritual growth and helps us discover who we really are.

Author’s Bio: Jagjot Singh

Jagjot Singh is an entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, and a spiritual seeker who likes to write about mindfulness and meditation on his blog MindfulnessQuest. He has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for the past 5 years and is committed to helping people with physical and mental health issues.

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