The Top Five Hamilton Ontario Blogs

Being a blog based in Hamilton Ontario ourselves, we naturally hold a lot of love for Hamilton blogs. And now we’re going to share some of that love as we take a look at five of the best Hamilton Ontario blogs.


The Best Hamilton Ontario Blogs

I Heart Hamilton: I Heart Hamilton is a blog all about celebrating the city of Hamilton. On I Heart Hamilton you’ll find news on all the latest events in Hamilton, along with some great photos. I Heart Hamilton covers local musicians, artists and events and is a great place to keep up to date with Hamilton’s happenings.

Hamilton Today:  Hamilton Today is the most professional of all Hamilton blogs (well, except this one XD    ).  Hamilton Today is a great alternative news source for keeping up to date with what’s going on in Hamilton. Covering everything from sports to arts, Hamilton Today is a comprehensive source of Hamiltonian news.

Love it a Lot: Love it a Lot started life as a blog back in 2007 talking about shopping. That was before Hollie Pocsai and Jane LaBatte opened their shop White Elephant, a homemade shop in downtown Hamilton. The blog talks about everything from cheese to fashion.

Happening Hamilton: Happening Hamilton is a blog all about connecting people in the city. On the blog you’ll find discussion of the latest news and events in Hamilton. Happening Hamilton is a proud celebration of everything that makes Hamilton great.

Raise the Hammer: Raise the Hammer is an amazing blog all about the growth and development of the city of Hamilton. With one of the most unique designs of all Hamilton blogs and with excellent writing and editing, Raise the Hammer is a blog about which Hamilton should be proud.


So there we are, the top five Hamilton blogs in the universe. . . well, in Hamilton, I guess. We’d like to think that we here at TheDailyMeditation match the excellent standards set by the blogs above.

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