10 Enlightening Reasons To Stop Worrying About The Future

stop worrying about the future

Worried about tomorrow? You should stop worrying about the future too much for lots of reasons. Here are the reasons to stop worrying about the future



Practically everybody in the world could make use of this list of reasons to stop worrying about the future. Here on TheDailyMeditation we’ve already looked at the best techniques to stop stress. Now let’s look at how to stop worrying.

We all worry so much about the future, predicting what will happen, how it will happen, when it will happen. For many, it’s likely not an exaggeration to say they spend more time in the future than in the present. Many of us even obsess over the future instead of living in the moment.

Worrying about the future is not only painful, it’s also futile and in many ways counterproductive. That’s why we need to stop thinking negative thoughts, such as worrying about the future.

We cannot see the future. Most of us aren’t psychic. We can only make very vague and more often than not erroneous guesses at it. It’s far more positive and productive to spend our energy making the present moment the best it can be. In explaining why, we present this look at the top reasons to stop worrying about the future.


The Top Reasons to Stop Worrying About the Future

1. Because the moment you are now living in once was the future you worried about. And if you think about it, you’ll most likely realise that the present moment is nothing like your worried mind previously thought it would be, which leads us to the second reason to stop worrying about the future. .  .

2. You can’t predict the future anyway.

You probably can’t even accurately predict exactly what will happen in ten minutes time. Go ahead and think about what will happen in ten minutes. Consider how you’ll be thinking, how you’ll be feeling, what you’ll be looking at etc. . . . In ten minutes time, look back and realise how wrong you were, this will help clarify the futility of predicting the future. I remember I used to worry about money all the time, before I started to be successful. Things will change. Have faith in that.

Note: Honestly, do this. Go ahead, right now. Grab notepad or MS Word and just take 2 minutes to jot down how you will be thinking and feeling in, let’s say, an hour’s time. Then, in an hour, look at what you wrote and see how accurate it is. Trust me, this will be very illuminating.


3. Because the future is entirely dependent on the moment.

Where you will be in the future depends on how you act now. The more attention you pay to now, the more you work at making this present moment a happier, more positive one, the better your future will be. This is one of the best reasons to stop worrying about the future: focusing on now makes a good then. 

4. The future is nothing but an idea in your mind.

We often believe, rather arrogantly, that we can see the future, that we know that something bad is about to happen, that we know we’re going to hate our exam or day at work or school, yet all we are really looking at is a mental picture created entirely by ourselves. The “future” we see is little more than a vague idea in our minds and should be treated as such. so, another reasons to stop worrying about the future is because our idea of the future is nothing more than a though, it isn’t the actual future, over which we have no power.


5. In the future you’ll look back on the past,

If you put your all into this moment and make the present moment a good one, when the future arrives you’ll be able to look back on a fond memory. Making this moment positive gives the future-you a pleasant memory to look back on.


6. Positivity now = positivity tomorrow

Another of the best reasons to stop worrying about the future is because the best way to ensure that you are able to successfully handle whatever happens to you in the future is to arm yourself with as much knowledge, strength and positivity as you can, and the only way to do that is by paying attention to the outside world in the present moment.



7. Stress = Doom

  • The final of these best reasons to stop worrying about the future is because when we are stressed we are less productive, meaning that by stressing about the future we are less likely to take proactive steps to make that future better.

But if that is somehow not enough, consider this shocking fact. If you worry about the future too much you may get high levels of stress and anxiety. And then you wont have much of a future at all, because stress and anxiety make you age faster.… and… you know… die sooner.

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