Trailer For Buddhist Documentary INTO THE HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN

buddhist documentary into the heart of the mountain
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By Nature Fims releases trailer for upcoming Buddhist documentary Into The Heart Of The Mountain.

By Nature Films, an award-winning production company, has published the trailer for its upcoming Buddhist documentary Into The Heart Of The Mountain, which follows Roshi Joan Halifax (author of “Standing At The Edge”) and Upaya Zen Center as Halifax seeks to “empower women and indigenous people to preserve their culture and bring medical support” via Upaya’s Nomads Clinic initiative.”

Currently in post-production there is no set release date for the Buddhist documentary at the time being, but is expected to be released shortly.

The Nomads Clinic Initiative launched in 1980 and has been going on pilgrimages to the Tibetan plateau with clinicians to provide medical support to the remote regions. The team travels by foot in order to access the remote areas, which are often as incredibly high altitudes. The team describes their journeys as beautiful and challenging.

Watch the trailer below and share your thoughts in a comment.

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Trailer For Buddhist Documentary Into The Heart Of The Mountain

NOMADS CLINIC, Into the Heart of the Mountain - OFFICIAL TRAILER By Nature Films

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