5 Secret Tricks For Panic Attacks [TUTORIAL]

tricks for panic attacks

I want to share my top five tricks for panic attacks. These tricks are quick and healthy ways to cure the problem. Kiss goodbye to panic attacks now.

Anxiety is the most common mental health problem in the world, being suffered by millions each year. Of those millions, however, less than 50% seek help for their symptoms and a mere 15% of anxiety sufferers seek “adequate treatment.”

Millions of anxiety sufferers are going without any kind of help or treatment. Naturally, this gives you, dear reader, the upper hand, as you are one of the few people to actually seek out help for anxiety. You’ll be pleased to hear that there are ways to treat anxiety, which we’ll share with this list of the the top five ways how to stop anxiety attacks naturally.



So, before I share the best tricks for panic attacks, an important note.

It is scientifically proven that there are no ways of immediately stopping anxiety attacks. Even medication for anxiety attacks takes two weeks to work, and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) can take months. With that in mind, these exercises are the best ways how to stop anxiety attacks naturally, but you must stick with them.



Tricks For Panic Attacks #1: Jogging
Exercise is immensely important for anxiety (and for depression and other mental health problems). Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that exercise is of immense benefit in curing anxiety. Exercise releases hormones and chemicals that help you to relax and to improve your mood. Exercise also helps to stop anxiety by making it harder for the body to experience the physical symptoms of anxiety. Jogging is probably the best exercise for anxiety relief. Walking is also good exercise for anxiety.

If you really want the complete cure, try meditating while running. It’s been proven that meditating while running is one of the absolute best tricks for panic attacks. So be sure to take a look at that link above. Trust me, this is a real game changer.


Tricks For Panic Attacks #2: Magnesium

The vast majority of natural cures for anxiety are really just placebos (as most medications are). They only really work because people believe that t 

hey will work. Self belief is the real medication, not the herb. Magnesium, however, might be different. Numerous studies have shown that magnesium can decrease the symptoms of anxiety. Ask your doctor about a magnesium supplement or consider a diet high in magnesium.



Tricks For Panic Attacks #3:  Plan


You need to plan so you are prepared for an anxiety attack. Make use of your free time, when you are feeling relaxed, to come up with a plan of
campaign for when you do suffer an anxiety attack. Perhaps you can have a friend or relative in mind who you can call. Perhaps you can carry some relaxing music with you. Find ways to relax and make sure they are always at hand. Simply knowing that you have ways to overcome an anxiety attack will help you to feel more relaxed and less worried, thus reducing the chance of you suffering an anxiety attack.


Speaking of planning. One of the best ways you can make your mind stronger, and thereby decrease the chances of panic attacks, is by learning to naturally relax your mind. And there are lots of wonderful ways to do precisely that. But my personal favorite is called Nine Round Breathing.

Nine Round Breathing is a very powerful way to relax your mind so you are less susceptible to panic attacks.




How to stop anxiety attacks naturally, exercise 4: Meditate


Meditation has been proven through many scientific studies to be significantly beneficial in curing anxiety attacks. A simple meditation exercise
can be used here. Perhaps you could practice some Zen Walking or some Transcendental Meditation. Find ways to meditate and focus your mind and you will find the solution to anxiety. You can learn more about treating anxiety with meditation and mindfulness here.



Tricks for panic attack #5: Mindfulness


Mindfulness is very similar to meditation and involves focusing your mind 100% on the present moment. Make sure you are focusing on external reality, rather than being caught up in your own head. Try to escape your mind and focus on reality.

It has been proven that mindfulness is one of the best things for stress and anxiety. If you practice mindfulness for just twenty minutes a day you will very quickly see a noticeable decline in the rate of panic attacks. You’ll get a lot less panic attacks and it only takes 20 minutes a day.

Best of all, mindfulness is actually quite easy to learn. I’ve put together a beginners guide to mindfulness to help you get started. Be sure to take a look at that today because it can make a huge difference to your well-being.


Make use of these tricks for panic attacks and say goodbye to anxiety. Finally you can be chill and just enjoy life. 

Next, why not read our massive free guide to treating anxiety with meditation.


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