Trump spiritual advisor Paula White wants you to stop paying your bills and send money to her church instead.

Paula Michelle White-Cain is an American pastor, televangelist and exponent of prosperity theology, a controversial religious belief that’s also called prosperity gospel or the health and wealth gospel (it’s basically defined by the belief that all health and wealth is are the will of God).

White, who is President Trump’s “spiritual advisor”, believes that you should not pay your electricity bills and should save money instead so that you can give it to her church.

White told followers at her Supernatural Ministry School in Miami that God would love them if they send as much money as they possible could too her church, and that one way of doing this would be by not paying the electric bills. Specifically, she told her followers that if they sent money to Florida Power And Light (FPL) instead of sending it to her church, they were showing that they worship the electricity provider more than they worshipped God.

Speaking to her followers, White said, “ “Instead of writing [that check] to the house of God as I’m instructed to, then what I’m saying spiritually is, ‘FPL, I have now established a spiritual law that put you first.” Adding fuel to the fire she then continued to say that her followers would essentially be moving their faith from God to the electricity provider and asking FPL to perform God’s miracles. “FPL, save my family, FPL, deliver my drug addicted son. FPL, kill this cancer that doctors say is in my body,” she said.

The millionaire, who is an avid believer in all things Trump, has been criticized by many members of the Christian faith over recent years. Partly because she sells what she called “resurrection seeds” that she tells her followers will grant them eternal life. Apparently eternal life costs as little as $1144 because that’s how much she sell her seeds for.

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Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.