How To Use Tse Mudra To Cure Depression And Stop Stress [TUTORIAL]

Neurons firing in sid ethe human brain

The Tse mudra is a powerful hand gesture for stopping depression and stress.

In our huge guide to mudras we reveal how different mudras can help you to be happy and healthy.

Science has proven that hand positions can have a big impact on mental health.

The hands act as a mirror for the body and for the mind. Specific coordination of the hands and fingers leads to activation of specific regions of the brain.    Therefore, by holding our hands and fingers in the correct position we can eliminate stress and depression.

The best hand position for depressionis the Tse mudra.

This powerful mudra is known to reactive the areas of the brain corresponding to happiness. In doing so it naturally cures depression.

We asked neuroscientist Donald Roland to explain precisely how mudras work.

“The fingertips are associated with different parts of the brain,” says Roland. “Some areas of the brain control mood and emotion, so by using mudras that activate those areas you can help to control mood, stress and depression.”

So, what is the best hand mudra for depression?

“The Tse hand mudra is a great place to start,” says Roland. “The Tse mudra is practiced by Taoist monks. It affects the water element in the body, increases magnetism, develops mental ability, and sharpens intuition.”

 How to do the Tse Mudra for Depression

  1. Sit in a relaxed position and focus your mind on your breathing or a few moments to relax.
  2. Look at the palm of your hands. Now, while looking at the palm, make your thumb touch the area at the base of the inside of the little finger of the same hand.
  3. Make a fist by rolling the four fingers of your hand over your thumb. Now focus your mind on your breath coming and going through your nose.
  4. While holding this position and focussing on your breathing repeat the sound Om. Pay attention to the sensation of the sound.  Tyr to do seven Oms in one breath.
  5. Exhale and push your belly button towards the spine. Now open your hand and imagine the feeling of depression fading.
  6.  Repeat this process for ten minutes.
  7. Read my guide to stopping depression with mindfulness.


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