Meditation Is Not What You Think It Is

Hi friends, Recently I’ve been thinking about meditation in the 21st Century. Fair to say meditation, has changed since the times of Buddha, hasn’t it? When Buddha taught meditation, he taught it as a way to gain insight (vipassana); specifically, insight to the mind. The Pali Canon states that meditation is a quite reflection in […]

How To Meditate With Mala Beads

how to meditate with mala beads

Previously we looked at how to choose mala beads to buy. Now let’s look more closely at how to meditate with mala beads.  The first thing to do is to remember the parts of the mala. Understanding the different elements will help you to use mala beads for meditation properly. To learn all the parts […]

You Will Not Be Punished For Your Anger… Meaning

you will not be punished for your anger quote (1)

“You will not be punished for your anger. You will be punished by your anger”—Buddha (maybe…) Have you heard this quote before? It is usually attributed to the Buddha, although in actual fact it is a false translation. The quote was first found in 1996’s “Treasury Of Spiritual Wisdom” by Andy Zubko’s, in which he […]

Overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect With Mindfulness

childhood neglect mother not listening to girl

New scientific research shows that mindfulness can help us to overcome childhood emotional neglect and the effects of being brought up in a negative environment. Research reveals that growing up in a household where our emotions are invalidated or ignored is detrimental to our health. You might have suffered from emotional invalidation is your parents […]

Best Meditation Memes Ever — Made Me LMAO!

Nothing makes me laugh more than a really good meditation meme. But then, I’m a meditation teacher so I’m biased. Take a look at my picks of the best meditation memes ever. I bet you leave laughing! Best Meditation Memes Ever!

Spotify Daily Wellness Playlist Brings You Daily Meditation, Yoga

spotify daily wellness playlist

Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist is a new effort by Spotify to bring mindfulness, meditation, and yoga content to its listeners. Ever since quarantine, companies all around the world have been creating mindfulness content, with celebrities making meditation videos and Instagram models uploading Youtube videos like it’s the last day of their lives. Now, Spotify is […]

Moshi Sleep And Mindfulness App Raises $12 million to help kids sleep

moshi sleep and mindfulness

“Moshi Sleep And Mindfulness App”, the Moshi Monsters Meditation app, has raised $12 million Series B financing, money which will be used to create content for kids to learn mindfulness and get to sleep British-run Moshi Monsters was a website with over 80 million users that closed down in 2019 because it was running on […]

Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation for College Students

benefits of meditation for studying

When most people hear the words “college life,” they imagine never-ending parties, hangovers, and a constant lack of sleep. Even though many students indeed have such a lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that everyone should do the same. For many students, a college is a place where they can gain knowledge and explore this world. College […]

LinkedIn Learning Mindfulness & Mental Health Courses Now Free

linkedin learning mindfulness course

California, U.S.— LinkedIn Learning’s Mindfulness and mental health courses are now free. Last month, LinkedIn announced that in order to help people through the effects of the global pandemic, they would be offering a range of free mental health and mindfulness courses. This week, the California-based social media company has announced that there are six […]

How to practice mindfulness

how to practice mindfulness

The first time I heard of mindfulness, a nurse friend of mine spoke about it in fluid conversation like I had any idea what was going on. After asking a few quick questions, the idea had formed in my mind that mindfulness is basically the act of meditating on the present moment. Thoughts will come, […]

Spoken Word Meditation Helped Me Overcome Loneliness Today

never alone spoken word meditation

Facebook and British spoken-word artist Kate Tempest have created a beautiful “spoken word meditation” that will help you reconnect today. During the time of COVID-19, many people are feeling lonely [READ: Meditation For Loneliness]. I watched the video this morning, Wednesday, and it immediately made me feel more connected to people, to society, to my […]

These Relaxing VR Games Feel Like A Virtual Meditation Retreat

virtual meditation retreat

With self-isolation closing hotels around the world and preventing travel, it’s time for meditators to look elsewhere. Relaxing VR games offer an experience like a virtual meditation retreat while you’re at home.   We are probably not going to be travelling anytime soon, at least not until the pandemic ends, which could be many months if […]

Meditation For Cognitive Decline – Reverse Brain Impairment

Friday—The latest science reveals big benefits of meditation for cognitive decline and to reverse brain impairment. Cognitive impairment is something most of us experience as we age. It sometimes begins in mid-life around the age of 50, and most commonly over the age of 70, but for some can even begin in our 50s. If […]

Airlines Now Using Meditation Apps for Fear of Flying

apps for fear of flying

Saturday—Airlines have started using meditation apps for fear of flying. In an effort to reduce lost profits due to fear of flying, a number of airlines are working with yoga apps, relaxation apps and meditation apps to help people confidently step onto planes. It is estimated that approximately 25% of the population suffer from fear […]

CBD Gummies: Why They Are the Hemp Product of the Future

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is growing in popularity based on its variety of health benefits [1]. Aside from its ability to improve mood, reduce nausea symptoms, and improve anxiety, CBD is becoming a well-praised medicinal alternative to over-the-counter and prescription medications. Aside from the medicinal benefits, CBD has numerous benefits, including convenience, low risk […]

Why Is Meditation Good For You? Science Answers

why meditation is good for you

As a meditation teacher, one of the most common questions I hear is “Why is meditation good for you?”. It might seem strange that the simple practice of sitting still with your eyes closed, focus on your breath, could have so many health benefits. After all, it’s not like you’re doing any physical exercise, so […]

A CBD Schedule for Relaxation and Restfulness


There is no such thing as a cure-all — but CBD seems to be coming close. Already, FDA-approved medications relying on CBD’s miraculous effects are becoming available to sufferers of epilepsy and schizophrenia, and doctors across the country are encouraging those who experience chronic pain, depression and anxiety to partake in CBD products. Even if […]

Calmer You App Helps You Overcome Anxiety—Does It Work?

calmer you app

Meditation and mindfulness apps are truly having their moment in 2020. Thanks to apps like Headspace and Calm, the mindfulness app market reached a staggering $195 million in 2019, which was more than double the revenue of the year before. The majority of these meditation apps focus on general meditation. Headspace, for instance, is all […]

SolePath Institute Opens New Mindfulness Retreat In Calgary

new mindfulness retreat in calgary

CALGARY, Alberta, Marcs 4th. SolePath Institute is opening a new mindfulness retreat in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the institute announced via a press release Wednesday. The SolePath Institute is dedicate to helping people use mindfulness and meditation to  overcome stress. The Institute provides guidance for those searching for their path, in order to help them progress […]