Yoga for Students in School

Yoga originated in India between the third and second millennium BC [1]. It is to this period that the seals with images of people in yoga poses found on the banks of the Indus River belong. Now, yoga is becoming more and more popular as it helps to achieve a balance of soul and body. […]

How To Teach Meditation In Schools [And The Benefits]

how to teach meditation in schools

I regularly receive messages from teachers asking how to teach meditation in schools. They have read the research and they understand just how beneficial mindfulness and meditation are for kids. Over the past five years, mindfulness programs have become hugely popular with both adults and kids. Listening to meditation music, practicing mindful breathing, using mantras… […]

Want To Do Yoga On Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages?

richard branson virgin voyages

British Entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard Branson [Virgin] is looking to target a younger market by offering sundeck yoga on his new cruise, along with a boutique hotel-type design with a festival environment, a vinyl records store, and a tattoo studio. Called “Scarlet Lady”, Richard Branson’s new cruise ship is setting its sights on younger holidaymakers. […]

Kids, Teens Need Meditation For Exam Stress, Says Expert

meditation for kids and teens at school

Will Williams, founder of Beeja Meditation [a specific form of mindfulness], say kids absolutely need meditation to deal with exam stress, as well as the pressure of social media. It’s no secret that stress among kids and teens is at an all time high. The latest research shows that 30% of teenagers feel anxious or […]

WTF There’s A Meditation Barbie Now?! (Breathe With Me Barbie)

breathe with me barbie meditaiton doll

This just in from the land of “WTF”: There is now a meditation Barbie called “Breathe With Me Barbie” [available on Amazon] Now, I personally respect anyone who successfully goes through a spiritual awakening. And it appears that Barbie must have done precisely that. Because Barbie has apparently transformed from a materialistic-girl to a meditation […]

7 Tips for a Yoga Instructor Resume

yoga teacher resume

Do yoga instructors need a resume? Is that even a thing? Yes, it is. And we’re all about helping you write a yoga resume so good; the yoga instructor job will flex 360 degrees just to fall in your lap. If you want to become a yoga teacher, you need a good resume.Given below is […]

Tips on Overcoming Stress and Enjoying the Flow of Life

ovrecoing stress tips

The demands of life such as family engagements, work, education, and others can make you get stressed. Stress can interfere with your normal functioning and mess with the flow of life, thus becoming an obstacle to your success in various areas like relationships, work, and so on. The worst thing is that stress can build […]

Yoga And Its Profound Effect On Your Relationship

Are you looking for ways to boost your dating life and relationships? If so, you may want to try yoga. Not only does yoga enhance sexual performance as studies suggest, it can also have a profoundly positive effect on the deeper and more complex aspects of seeking love or being in a relationship with someone. Stronger […]

CBD for Better Sleep? 7 Ways CBD Helps Get a Good Night’s Rest

yoga cbd and meditation

According to the American Sleep Association (ASA), as many as 70 million people in the United States may be suffering from a sleep disorder. From inability to get to sleep to inability to stay asleep, the consequences of not getting enough sleep or high quality sleep can be dangerous and even deadly. Yet many of […]

10 Yoga breathing exercises for beginners

yoga breathing exercises for beginners

 There are some excellent yoga breathing exercises for beginners to learn. In yoga it is essential to make sure that you are breathing correctly. Just as there are proper breathing meditation techniques, there are proper yoga breathing techniques too. It is important to breathe properly whether you are sitting to a meditation session or engaged […]

How To Choose A Mindfulness Teacher Training Course

mindfulness teacher traiing course

When it comes to choosing a mindfulness teacher training course in 2019 you are absolutely spoilt for choice. Unfortunately you’re always swimming in a pool full of sharks. Let me tell you it how it is: There are a lot of fraudulent websites out there that offer mindfulness teacher training courses online. And a lot […]

Letting Go To Be Happy – A Guide

letting go to be hapy

When it comes to feeling good, one strategy is proven to work: letting go to be happy. Happiness. It’s something that almost all of us are truly after in life. However, we all know it can be incredibly hard to live day to day, let alone moment by moment, in a happy state. There’s always something […]

5 Ways How To Learn Meditation As A Beginner in 2019

best ways to learn to meditate

When it comes to ways to learn to meditate, you’re spoilt for choice. In 2019 there are tons of different ways to learn to meditate, including our free article on the correct way to meditate as a beginner. That said, some ways are definitely better than others. For instance, a lot of people learn to […]

5 Best Meditations For Social Anxiety [TUTORIAL]

meditation for social anxiety

I spent years of my life unable to talk to anybody because of shyness. That is, until I started using meditation for social anxiety. Meditation helped me overcome a social anxiety that was completely destroying my life. For years I literally kept myself to myself, stayed in my bedroom gaming, and anytime somebody spoke to […]

These Buddha Figurines Are So Good You’ll Want Them All

best buddhist figurines

I love Buddha. And I love anything that reminds me of Buddha, like Buddhist figurines. They remind me to follow the dharma and to strive to be enlightened. Every time I see my favorite Buddhist figurine I immediately remember the lessons of the dharma. I remember to let go of attachments, to live a life […]

10 Signs Of An Enlightened Person – Are You Enlightened?

signs of an enlightened person

Our mission here on THE DAILY MEDITATION is to help you achieve enlightenment. But you might wonder: What are the signs of an enlightened person? Enlightened people are all around us. But you might not spot them. After all, enlightened people are not the type of people to gloat, show off or draw attention to […]

8 Stunning Emotional Benefits Of Meditation For Your Mood

benefits of meditation for emotions

<<—–PREVIOUS: Mental Health Benefits Of Meditation Every day I am amazed by the emotional benefits of meditation.  As a meditation teacher, one of my biggest motivations in life is helping people master their emotions. And in my honest opinion, meditation is the best way to do just that. It  can help you control your emotions […]

12 Mental Health Benefits of Meditation Proven By Science

mental health benefits of meditation

There are so many mental health benefits of meditation. As a meditation teacher I am always inspired by stories of people overcoming anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems with meditation. I myself once suffered from mental health complications. And it was only through meditation that I was able to recover. Take a look at […]

11 Massive Relationship Benefits Of Meditation

relationship benefits of meditation

There are so many amazing relationship benefits of meditation. Whether you have been going through a rouge patch in your relationship, or if you want to make an already good relationship even better, meditation can help.  For evidence / research please read my article on couples meditations. Here are my favorite relationship benefits of meditation.  […]

Here’s The Actual Loving Kindness Meditation Script (Metta Bhavana)

metta bhavana script

In my Ultimate Guide To Metta Bhavana I shared everything you need to know about Metta and revealed 19 benefits of loving kindness.. But what better way to learn than with Buddha’s actual script on Metta Bhavana / Loving Kindness Meditation. Don’t you just love Buddha’s wisdom? Metta truly is important. But we here at THE […]