Using Hemp Flower to Enhance a Meditative Environment

hemp flower

The competitiveness of society has turned our world into a beehive. Everyone is busy striving to earn a living and keep up with the Joneses. As a result, most people have forsaken their health and the wellbeing of their bodies.

Although you may feel like all is well despite your busy lifestyle, it’s important to take some time to relax and meditate to ensure optimal health, both physical and emotional. Hemp flower can be a great tool in helping your mind and body relax and let go.

CBD derived from the hemp plant has properties that enhance your senses and promotes relaxation. CBD possesses cannabinoids that provide neuroprotective benefits to the brain. When the brain is positively impacted, it responds by altering our senses.

Some of the five senses can be positively impacted when you use hemp flower to create a meditative environment. Explore some of the ways that CBD can positively affect your senses.

Sense of Hearing

Ideally, considering that cannabis is consumed orally, one may assume that there is no connection between cannabis and hearing. However, after consuming cannabis for a while, you will realize that it makes music sound better in your ears. In response to the calming effects of CBD, you can fully let go of worrying thoughts, releasing the ability to appreciate and absorb music in new ways.

If you find yourself unable to relax and listen to a record from start to finish, try using hemp flower before entering your meditative space and notice that focusing on the music — and not your daily troubles — will become an easier process.

Sense of Smell

Hemp has a distinct, intoxicating aroma, triggering the part of the brain that helps you smell.

What’s more, the small amount of THC found in hemp can wake up your olfactory system. In one study, scientists dosed some mice with THC and compared them to mice not dosed with THC. The mice were then allowed to look for hidden cheese. Those that were dosed with THC located the cheese faster than those not dosed. THC helps make us more sensitive to smells, including those of foods.

Sense of Taste

Because THC also promotes the release of the hunger-inducing hormone ghrelin, hemp flower can also play a major role in improving your sense of taste. For this reason, if you’re struggling with loss of appetite, or oftentimes forgetting to eat because of an overly busy schedule, you might try using CBD during your relaxation moments. Increasing the presence of ghrelin helps make food taste better and seem more enticing.

Sense of Touch and Pain

One of the major reasons why some people consider using CBD is to help reduce pain or inflammation. When your body is in less pain — or better yet, in no pain at all — you will find yourself better able to be fully present during your meditation and free from preoccupying thoughts. Science has already shown CBD’s potential as a pain reliever, including for those who suffer from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and hard-to-treat chronic pain. With very few side effects and a promising safety profile, CBD may just be the one thing you need to enhance your quiet time and calm the woes of your body.


Since the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived CBD in several states, scientists have put a lot of effort into finding out how CBD can provide health benefits. So far, research on CBD has shown the compound to promote positive effects on our brains, including awakening our senses. Above are some of the benefits that you can freely enjoy by incorporating CBD into your meditative environment.

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