How To Do Vajroli Thunderbolt Mudra To Boost Sexual Energy

vajroli mudra

Want more sexual energy?

Interested in enjoying better sex?

Maybe you just want really healthy sexual organs.

Vajroli mudra will help.

In my ultimate guide to the mudras I reveal how mudras can massively improve your life.

One mudra that very many men use to improve their health is the vajroli mudra.

The Vajroli mudra offers many benefits

Like the Ashwini Mudra the Vajroli mudra can be used to help improve sexual health.

The Vajroli mudra is used to stimulate the flow of energy to the sexual organs.

Because of this, it offers lots of benefits.

Benefits of Vajroli mudra:

  • Stops premature ejaculation
  • Cures erectile dysfunction.
  • Makes sexual organs much stronger.
  • Increases sexual longevity.
  • Helps with urinary disorders.
  • Helps with numerous other health complication.
  • Helps to activated all chakras.
  • Use these healing mudras to get even more benefits. 


The above benefits occur at the early stage of practice.

The Vajroli mudra only becomes more powerful after years of practice. At this point, it actually becomes an important tool in reaching enlightenment.

Interesting, no?

How can a mudra help us reach enlightenment?

This introductory guide to enlightenment  answers many questions you may have.

Essentially, the yogic systems state that sexual energy is one of the primary energies. Vajroli mudra stimulates sexual energy, which influence all our energy.

Through the practice of mudras this energy can be challenged upwards through the body. By transferring the energy upwards it flows into the brain and through the chakras, activating each chakra and leading towards enlightenment.

The advanced stages of the Vajroli mudra are called Amroli and Sajroli. These stages can be found in yogic texts, though most people will most likely not reach this stage of development.

The Vajroli Mudra has a specific meaning.

The word Vajroli can be translated from Sanskrit to mean “Thunderbolt.”

The mudra creates energy in the genitals.

The mudra will increase spiritual energy to the sexual organs.

So… er…

It means:  “Gesture to stimulate thunderbolt energy in the genitalia.”


How to do Vajroli mudra position

Make sure to read the steps through carefully before practicing and also consult a doctor before beginning the vajroli mudra.]

  1.  Sit comfortably in Sukhasana position (sit with your legs crossed).
  2. Place your hands on your thighs.
  3. Close your eyes and relax.
  4. Focus your mind calmly on the muscles of your sphincter around the pubic bone.
  5. Imagine pulling energy up through your spine as you breathe in through your nose. Hold the breath at the Ajna chakra (between the eyebrows).
  6. Contract your muscles around your sexual organs (imagine preventing yourself from urinating).
  7. Contract the muscles ten times while you continue to hold your breath.
  8. Breathe out through  your nose as you make the tenth contraction. Feel sexual energy rising in you as you do this.


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