How To Do Varada Mudra [TUTORIAL]

a budda statue showing the varada mudra

So what exactly does “Varada Mudra” Mean?

Varada is Sanskrit for Favourable. Varada Mudra means “Favourable Gesture.” This mudra is shown in welcoming and evokes feelings of compassion, charity and honesty. The gesture is seen often on spiritual figures who are dedicated to freeing themselves from greed and anger and to contributing charitably to the good of others.

Oh cool. So how I do do the Mudra?


The Mudra technique can be performed with a crooked arm by turning one palm up into a giving position, or with the arm facing down and palm presented, the fingers being slightly bent.

For more advanced instructions take a look at my guide to practicing mudras.

It is the left hand that makes the Mudra, while the right hand adopts another mudra, most often the Abhaya Mudra.



And what are the benefits of the Varada Mudra? 

The Varada Mudra opens our mind to compassion and love. It is an excellent mudra for freeing oneself from greed, anger and possessiveness.


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