Quick Vayu Mudra Guide –Tells You All You Need To Know

The Vayu Mudra is the “Air Gesture” and is used to regulate air in the body. This is another important gesture in yoga courses.


 Vayu Mudra Technique

  1. To perform the Mudra follow these steps:
  2.  Curl the index fingers so that the tips press into the mound of the thumb
  3. Curl the thumbs lightly so they apply a little pressure onto the index fingers
  4. Hold the remaining fingers straight
  5.  Meditate while holding this position for ten minutes. Try it now.


 Vayu Mudra Benefits

  •  The most important benefit is that it will regulate air in the body. This air flow regulation becomes a natural treatment for flatulence, sciatica, gout, arthritis and rheumatism.
  • The Mudra is of benefit to those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease as it helps control tremors.
  • Practicing the Mudra after eating helps digestion.


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