Use These Mantras To Cure Disease And Find Health [TUTORIAL]

vedic mantras for disease

There are many different approaches to curing diseases of various kind. From doctors and medicine to healing mantras, the number of approaches to curing diseases is long and diverse.

It isn’t for us to say which type of cure is right. Some will believe in medicine where others think medicine is evil. Some will believe in various spiritual practices which others may think are absurd. The best approach to curing a disease is surely an open-minded one, an approach in which we are willing to try various types of cures in order to find the right one.

One of the approaches to curing disease which is popular in India is the use of mantras, which are words or phrases that must be recited a certain number of times in order to work.

On this page we’ve shared some of the best healing mantras for diseases. These mantras must be recited a certain number of times (often 10,000 times) in order to work.

If you are from the East, you most likely know many mantras already, in which case you may add these to your vast knowledge of mantras. If you are from the West, try these mantras with an open mind. Medicine may have a time and a place, but there is equally a time and a place of others types of cures.


Vedic Mantras for Diseases

Om Krishna-Viththalaya Namaha    for      Tongue Cancer

Om Narayani-Krishnaya Namaha    for        Lung Cancer

Om Mahesh-Krishnaya Namaha     for       Throat Cancer

Om Bhavani-Pandurangaya Namaha   for    Blood Pressure

Om Jay-Pandurang-Rakhumaiya Namaha  for Heart Disease

Om Durga-Ganapatiya Namaha         for        Heart Murmur

Om Ram-Krishnaya Namaha              for            Jaundice
Om Jay-Shriramya Namaha               for            Diabetes

Om Narayana-Ram-Krishna-Hariaya Namaha   for  Schizophrenia   

Om Jayram-Ganapatiya Namaha         for    Epilepsy




These are all extremely potent mantras. They’ve been used for more than 3000 years. Use them responsibly.

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This is a guest post written by Raji Singh.



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