What Everybody Needs To Know About Vitarka Mudra


In THE DAILY MEDITATION’s Ultimate Guide To Mudras we revealed more than 60 mudras from Hinudism, Buddhism and Yoga.

Mudras (hand positions with spiritual and psychological powers) are excellent tools for spiritual development.

Vitarka is a great psychological / spiritual mudra.

Let’s get some perspective on this mudra:

Vitarka mudra explained

The Vitarka mudra is one of the Buddhist mudras that has fantastic psychoglogical benefits for the practitioner.  Vitarka literally means “Discussion”. So this is a mudra that helps the mind to enter a more agreeable, friendly state.

There are similar mudras such as the Dharmachara mudra, which is known to improve our connection to society.


How To Do Vitarka Mudra

The Vitarka mudra is remarkably similar to the Abhaya mudra, which is the mudra for fearlessness.

Here’s how to do it.


  1. Sit somewhere quiet and relax. Cross your legs (or just sit comfortably)
  2. Take 20 mindful breaths to relax
  3. Place the index finger and thumb together at the tips
  4. Hold the other fingers straight.
  5.  Place your other hand in your lap
  6. Meditate for 108 breaths.


Vitarka Mudra Meaning

This hand gesture has a massively important meaning.

Its meaning is express through both the name and the hand position.

The name:

  • Vitarka means “Discussion” in Sanskirt
  • Mudra means “Gesture”.
  • So put together “Vitarka mudra” literally means ‘Gesture for discussion”.

The hand position means a lot too:

Put your hands in the mudra position using the steps above.

Do you feel the energy between your thumb and forefinger? That energy stimulate the mind to increase our ability to learn.

The palm is facing outwards as though welcoming the energy of the outside world.

The other three fingers are held straight up, which stimulates energy in the fingers.

If you hold this hand position you will actually feel a positive energy in the mind and you will feel calmer and more connected to the outside world? Can you feel that energy? It is a stimulating energy that encourages a positive mind.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of this mudra.

Vitarka Mudra Benefits

  • The Mudra promotes the energy of teaching and of discussion
  • helps to prevent us from entering argumentative states of mind.
  • Helps to absorb the teachings of Buddha
  • When using the Mudra you will feel a calming energy that is useful for reducing internal conflict.
  • Opens the mind to intellectual conversation
  • Evokes a feeling of silent wisdom.


Take a look at my guide to Buddhist and Hindu mudras for more.

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