Genius Way To Make Your Friends Quit Smoking

make your friends quit smoking

This is the single best way how to make your friends quit smoking. Trust me, they are going to thank you for this.



Are you sick of seeing your smoking friends killing themselves by inhaling all those toxins in cigarettes?

You’d probably do anything to make your friends quit smoking. Because you know how much healthier and happier they would be, and how much longer they would live if only they would stop smoking.

So, how do you make your friends quit smoking?

Make them meditate on a pack of cigarettes.



Cigarette manufacturers are forced to put health warnings on cigarettes. And most of those health warnings look truly terrifying and disgusting.

The problem is that most smokers ignore the health warnings on cigarettes.

That’s understandable. No one wants to think that their teeth will fall out, that they will get cancer, that they’ll have a heart attack caused by cigarette smoking…

But ignoring the health warnings on cigarette packs just enables them to continue to smoke and to continue to kill themselves.


Thankfully, we have meditation. And meditation can solve the problem quickly and permanently.

When you truly open your mind to the serious health effects of smoking, you empower yourself to make better choices and to quit.

That’s why the best way how to make your friends quit smoking is to get them to meditate on the truth. This technique shows you how.


Here’s how to make your friends quit smoking by meditating on a pack of cigarettes.

1. Explain to them that you want them to be healthy and happy: If you’re going to ask your friends to quit smoking you need to do it the right way. The right way is to let them know that you have their best interests at heart. Tell them “I want you to be healthy and happy so I am willing to fight to help you quit smoking”.


2. Explain to them why they need to meditate: Let them know that meditation has been proven to help people stop smoking. And that when they meditate they will more relaxed, more empowered, and more able to overcome their smoking addiction.


3. Show them how to do a basic meditation: Before asking them to meditate on a pack of smokes, who them how to do a basic meditation. Spend ten minutes teaching them anapanasati (breathing meditation). This will help them to relax and will also teach them how to meditate ready for the next step.


4. Take them somewhere relaxing: You want to remove your friends from their negative associations. Their home, other people who smoke, anything that stresses them out… these are all triggers that make them smoke. Get around this by taking them somewhere relaxing where there are no negative influences.


5. Put that pack of smokes in front of them (preferably several packs) and ask them to meditate on it: The big step. This is the part where their minds open to the health risks of smoking. This is where they will appreciate how risky and how dangerous smoking is. Take out one or several packs of smokes (preferably ones that show different health warnings). Ask them to meditate on the images and words on the health warning and to meditate on the way they feel when they see those warnings. This isn’t about being happy. Sometimes you have to be unhappy in order to grow stronger. This is when they feel bad for ten minutes, but those ten minutes make them so much stronger and so much more enlightened.


6. Ask them to smoke a cigarette: This might sound counter-productive. But you want your friends to associate smoking with death. Did you know that Buddha asked his followers to meditate on decomposing corpses in order to teach them about the frailty of life? This is similar. So, ask your friend to smoke one cigarette and to meditate on the health risks while smoking.


7. They will throw away the cigarette: Your friend will not finish this cigarette if you have followed these steps. They will naturally want to throw the cigarette out. Let them.


8. Do something positive and healthy to build new health habits: This is the final step. You want your friend to learn a health substitute for smoking. Ask them what they would like to do (this is on you so if they want to go for a healthy lunch, offer to pay for it). This will help them to build new positive associations that will become substitutes for smoking.


You’re done.

This powerful meditation technique is the best way how to make your friends quit smoking. Share this page with them, explain why you would like to do this, and then do it. Because by the end of the day you will have helped your friend to quit smoking. And in a very real way you will have saved their life.