Save The Dolphins? These Quick Thinking Teens Did It. Thank God!

Want to save the dolphins? These quick thinking teens did. Watch as the rescue a cute dolphins from shallow water.


Thank goodness for these quick thinking teenagers. As you can see in the amazing video below, three teenage boys rescued a baby dolphin after it got stranded in shallow water.

Zachary Allegretta, Michael Randall and Ryan Dalzell try to rescue the dolphin as it became stranded in shallow water in Lake in Mandurah, Western Australia.

They gain the dolphin’s trust by stroking the animal, and then lead the dolphin into safer, deeper waters. The dolphin bounds off into the ocean with all the speed of Flipper.

“We thought it was sick at first, so we got close to it and we saw the tide was going out and it was beached,” says Zachary. “The mother wasn’t anywhere around and the baby was doing its mimic call to attract her.’

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