Long Term Benefits of Meditation Revealed

In this guide we will look at the long term benefits of meditation.

Note that there are also risks Of Meditation. Yes, there are some serious risks of meditation, and you would be wise to know about some. So check that previous link. 

Below, I’ve included links that cover all the benefits of meditation and how to get them. Note that these are all topics that I teach in my online meditation lessons.

Long Term Benefits of Meditation 

Meditation For Mental Health

You already know that meditation is advantageous for mental health. Numerous institutes, including Harvard Medical School and the University of Oxford have stated that meditation helps with mental health, and in many ways.

For instance, many people use meditation for letting go and for acceptance. Plus it can help us with intrusive thoughts

But it goes beyond this. Here are some of the best benefits of meditation for mental health.

Relaxation: When we meditate we promote activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, and balance cortisol and noradrenaline. The result of this is deep relaxation. 

Meditation For Anxiety: One of the most popular uses of meditation is for anxiety. Meditation can help you to control anxiety and panic attacks. Read this article to learn more.

Meditation For Depression: One of the most important long term benefits of meditation is that it reduces depression. This debilitating mental illness can make you feel powerless, but meditating will give you the power to stop depression.

Happiness: Mental health is as much about happiness as it is about overcoming specific illnesses. And thankfully, meditation can boost levels of happiness. Positive Psychology expert Rick Hanson states that meditation helps us to redress the negativity bias, and that this in turn makes us happier.   

Meditation for anger control: The National Library of Medicine states that 7.8% percent of people have intense, poorly controlled anger. But meditation helps. Because it gives us control over our thoughts and also promotes relaxation, it has a powerful effect on anger. 

Motivation Motivation is mostly based on two factors. Firstly, a dopamine spike. And secondly, our confidence in ourselves to create positive outcomes. Meditation balances dopamine and improves self confidence, leading to motivation. 

Grounding: One of the most popular benefits of meditation is that makes us grounded. This is the feeling of being stable and having your “Feet on the ground”.

Empaths: Many empaths struggle with emotions because they absorb other people’s feelings. Meditation can help. It gives empaths a way to protect their emotions. And as an empath myself, I can honestly say that that is a big deal.

Inner peace:  Ever since the time of Buddha, one of the most important benefits of meditation has been inner peace. And so it remains today.

Being present in the moment: Life is lived in moments. But many people fail to focus on the present moment, and so life slips them by. Just another reason to meditate. 

Gratitude:  Gratitude is actually incredibly important for health and wellbeing. And there are specific meditations that we can use to cultivate gratitude. 

Long Term Benefits of Meditation For Physical Health

There are many long term benefits of meditation for physical health. Not only does it help with many health problems, but it can also make you fitter. 

Because meditation reduce stress and lowers cortisol levels, it helps with everything from skin care to heart disease. Plus, because it increases self awareness it also helps us to make healthy choices. 

Our most popular article on this is our meditation for Weight Loss.


Meditation Helps Us Quit Addictions

Closely related to both mental and physical health are addictions, which are often caused by mental health complications according to Health Guide, and cause physical illness. Thankfully, meditation can help.

Quit Drinking: You can use meditation to quit drinking and to stop being an alcoholic. It is a very healthy and natural way to help you overcome cravings for alcohol and to stop alcoholism.

Quit Smoking: Smoking floods your lungs with toxins that cause cancer, stroke and other illnesses. But meditation can give you the power to overcome nicotine addition.

Spiritual benefits of meditation

Develop psychic power: Meditation (particularly meditating on the Third Eye Ajna Chakra) can help you to develop psychic powers. In this article, I show you how.

Contacting the divine: Some types of meditation, such as Christian Bible Meditation, can help connect us to our divinity.

Become Enlightened: Enlightenment is the highest point of spiritual development. Many people have described it like waking from a dream. And meditation is one of the best ways to achieve enlightenment.

Tap into your insight and intuition: Insight and intuition are natural parts of the human psyche. Sadly, many people are caught up in stress and thoughts, and this prevents them from accessing these deeper mental faculties. Meditation can help.

On Being An Empath: Yes, meditation can help empaths to survive. That’s why I included it in this guide.

Access your subconscious mind: Sigmund Freud described the subconscious mind as the most powerful part of the human mind. And one of the benefits of meditation is that it lets you access your subconscious.

Work, Career And Study

For business owners: Meditation can have a huge impact on your business, both for you yourself and for your employees. That’s why Tony Robbins frequently recommends that entrepreneurs meditate. You can learn more about this in our Corporate Meditation Classes & Programs.

Focus and Concentration: One of the main problems people experience when studying is an inability to focus. In this article, I will show you how to use meditation for study concentration. This will also help you to block out noise mentally.

You can even use meditation for creativity.

For Relationships 

Couples Meditations For Intimacy: Because meditation changes the way you feel about other people it can have a positive effect on love, intimacy and relationships. This guide will show you the best couples meditation techniques. You might also like to read my article on meditation for attracting love.

Become more attractive: Did you know, there are many ways meditation makes you more attractive. Not only does it help with confidence, it also clears your skin and improves your hair. 

Yes, there are very many long term benefits of meditation. To get the most out of it, book a private online meditation lesson with me today.



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