Ways To Use Meditation

There are more than 100 ways to use meditation. A great place to start is with my guide to the effects of meditation. 

Here is a list of the different ways to use meditation and the benefits it offers. To get the most out of meditation, book an online meditation class with me.

Ways To Use Meditation

Become A Meditation Teacher: If you are an experienced meditator with years of experience, you might like to consider becoming an instructor. This guide will show you how. Also checkout our free teacher training course.

Risks Of Meditation: As well as all the positive effects of meditation there are also some health risks of meditation too. In this guide, I will reveal all the potential side effects of meditation. And I’m not just talking about it making you tired or crying during meditation!

Couples Meditations For Intimacy: Because meditation changes the way you feel about other people it can have a positive effect on love, intimacy and relationships. This guide will show you the best couples meditation techniques. You might also like to read my article on meditation for attracting love.

Become more attractive: Did you know, there are many ways meditation makes you more attractive. Not only does it help with confidence, it also clears your skin and improves your hair.

Improve your focus and concentration.

Meditation For Physical Health

There are many uses of meditation for physical health. Not only does it help with many health problems, but it can also make you fitter. These articles show you how:

Meditation for Weight Loss and weight gain.

Meditation For Mental Health

One of the great things is that we can use meditation for letting go and for acceptance. Plus it can help us with negative thoughts or intrusive thoughts. This helps with many problems. Some common problems meditation helps with include:  


Meditation for Relaxation 

Meditation For Anxiety: One of the most popular uses of meditation is for anxiety. Meditation can help you to control anxiety and panic attacks. Read this article to learn more.

Meditation For Depression: One powerful use of meditation is to relieve the symptoms of depression. This debilitating mental illness can make you feel powerless, but meditating will give you the power to stop depression.


Meditation for anger control.



Meditation for Empaths.

Inner peace 

Being present in the moment 


Meditation To Quit Addictions

Quit Drinking: You can use meditation to quit drinking and to stop being an alcoholic. It is a very healthy and natural way to help you overcome cravings for alcohol and to stop alcoholism.

Quit Smoking

Spiritual uses of meditation

Develop psychic power: Meditation and particularly meditating on the Third Eye Ajna Chakra can help you to develop psychic powers. In this article, I show you how.

Become Enlightened

Work, Career And Study

Concentrating on studies: One of the main problems people experience when studying is an inability to focus. In this article, I will show you how to use meditation for study concentration.


For Performance

There are many ways meditation helps with our performance, which is why it’s good to use meditation for athletes and meditation for performers.


Access your subconscious mind

Overcome grief

Tap into your insight and intuition 

On Being An Empath

Meditation for forgiveness