Weed Killers a Leading Cause of Depression

In a recent news article it was revealed that weedkillers are a leading cause of depression in farmers. Farmers are twice as likely to suffer from depression when they use the weedkilling chemicals, said a study conducted in France.

Marc Weisskopf said “Whether weedkillers are the cause of depression isn’t certain, but the studies suggest that herbicides could be harmful.”

Pesticides have been linked to Parkinson’s disease and with the link now to depression symptoms, farmers should look for an alternative to the hazardous pesticides.

In the group of farmers that the research studies, 20 out of 37 farmers who used pesticides reported being treated for depression.  The research showed that farmers who used pesticides were over two and a half times more likely to suffer the symptoms of depression.

Even for those who do not farm, or for farmers who do not use pesticides, there is a clear message here: be careful of what chemicals you expose yourself to. Depression is an inbalance of chemicals in the brain. Exposure to other chemicals, then, will only make you more likely to suffer from depression.


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